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Prayers Needed

Posted by Youngatheart.7.4.12 Dec 4, 2019

Welp, I was TRYING to be safe.  I planned to give a fresh balsam wreath I received as a  present to my neighbor, so when it arrived, I left it outside to chill..  It rained a bit on the plastic it was in, so when I had to bring it in to my mudroom, I folded up the box it came in and sat it on that because - well, wet,  smooth, painted cement floors are slippery.


SO - what did I do??  I caught my foot under the edge of the box and went down, landing (of course) on my previously injured knee.  X-rays are tomorrow at Noon.  I simply CANNOT go through another broken bone and the resulting recovery.


Please send up a prayer that nothing is cracked! 



 Missy, Mandolinrain,  had unexpected company this entire past week, is tied up with holiday events this week and her hubby is having carpel tunnel surgery next week,. She wanted everyone to know so we don't worry about her absence.    She will be back as soon as she can!

shashort is having eye surgery tomorrow to correct loss of  sight in one eye.  Now, we all know that she has had more than her fair share, so I hope we can send her off in the morning with our prayers for the surgeon's skill, a good outcome and fast healing.


A friend told me about Duolingo - a free learn-a-language site.  You can choose how active you want to be, set goals, and it is arranged almost like a game.  I took five years of Spanish in school, but barely remember, "Como esta usted?" (How are you?).  It's something I can work on whenever I need to take a break, and provides good brain exercise.

Would also work as a great crave buster - and you would actually be learning something while you aren't smoking!

How cool is THAT?


"Drinking alcohol can make it hard for you to think clearly and make good decisions."  How Alcohol Can Lower Inhibitions and Cause You to Make Bad Decisions 

It makes sense, then, not to drink when you are quitting smoking.  That addictive part of your thinking can become more powerful if you do, and it is easier for it to falsely convince you that "just one won't hurt."  It always will, maybe not right away, but it always will, lead you to have another, and another until you are right back where you were before you started.  That is, smoking and needing to quit.

Don't take the chance.  A quit is a terrible thing to lose.


Hopefully wonderful food  and friends or family are in your forecast.  But - be aware that if you are early in your quit, or even in your first one-two years, cravings can happen.  BIG cravings!  It takes a bit for us to adjust to associations and triggers we have not had a lot of practice relearning.  The stress of family gatherings, the group outside after dinner catching up, even the food can remind us of our smoking days, and bring back faded memories of what we believed were the joys of smoking  If you add alcohol to the mix, you are asking for trouble.


Have a plan what you will do if this happens.  Will you find a quiet spot and take some slow, deep breaths?  Might you go for a quick walk?  Have a plan to leave early if it gets too difficult? 


Be prepared, not surprised!  A quit is a terrible thing to lose!




Prayers for Mini!

Posted by Youngatheart.7.4.12 Nov 26, 2019

minihorses is undergoing surgery this morning, and prayers for the surgeon's skill, a good outcome and quick healing would be welcomed!



George brought some friends to help you celebrate!

And, there MUST be fireworks!

and CAKE!

and a Canadian birthday will probably have snow (hope it's serene!)

Hope your day is






as you,

our loquacious cheerleader!


I am reading here recently of a lot of past quits being lost from drinking alcohol.  It is KNOWN that alcohol clouds your thinking, and that drinking and smoking just go together.  It's easy to think "just one won't hurt" when your brain is addled by drink.

It's not worth it.  A quit is a terrible thing to lose.


Alcohol consumption may be in response to smoking cessation -- ScienceDaily 

"This pattern of urges and alcohol consumption could indicate a vicious cycle whereby smoking urges could lead to alcohol consumption, and, in turn, lead to greater urges to smoke and increased likelihood of relapse."

Kinda ' a chicken or egg first situation, the study found.

Whatever - it just isn't a good idea to tempt yourself with alcohol when quitting.   A quit is a terrible thing to lose.


She wanted me to let everyone know she may be scarce for a bit as she deals with family issues.  Please keep her and her family in your prayers.



If You Drink Alcohol

Drinking alcohol when you're quitting smoking can be a big challenge, for two reasons:

1. Alcohol is a trigger.

For many, drinking and smoking just go together.

2. Alcohol lowers your guard.

It makes you more likely to stop using your plan.  And, it makes you more likely to do something without thinking it through all the way, like asking for a cigarette.

For these reasons, it's best to stay away from alcohol for the first few weeks of quitting. Even afterwards, be careful when you're drinking alcohol, especially where others are smoking. 

Quitting Smoking If You Drink Alcohol 


A quit is a terrible thing to lose.


"I never, ever thought I would lose a perfectly good 6 months quit because of drinking; and I only had a couple of glasses of wine, and they made me feel invincible I guess.  They pushed me to have the "just one", and we all know by now such thing does not exist; they come in packs, and once you smoked the first couple, you won't stop there, the packs, and months, and years, are following closely, and it took me over 10 years to gather the courage to go for my last quit.  Please learn from our failed experiences, don't try it for yourselves, guard your precious quits!"


They shared their lesson so you don't have to learn it for yourself.

A quit is a terrible thing to lose.



I have read, over time and again today, about folks having difficulty with replacing that "reward" cigarette, that "job well done" break one.  I know I STILL, after seven years, have a passing thought, especially with things I don't do as often.  Lately, I have been having those thoughts when taking a break from Fall housecleaning. 

So, community - I am asking for your input.  Have you found something that works for YOU? 

Please let us hear how you are handling it!


BECAUSE:  Why do I want to smoke so much when I drink? 


Be careful.  If you must drink, please limit yourself to one in the early days.  A quit  is a terrible thing to lose.