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If you are a recovering nicotine addict and you drink alcohol, you don't know the point at which your commitment to quit will be compromised and you will think "just one" cigarette/drag from a vape is OK.   You might forget that to an addict,there is never such a thing as just one.

The weekend is coming. The following sign is, therefore, in full force and effect::


Better safe than sorry.  Please don't chance it.  A quit is a terrible thing to lose.


I am missing my morning dose of encouragement!!

Where's Marilyn (Marilyn.H.July.14.14.? 


Since many of us are in the high risk category, I thought this might be informative.  We ALL want to get back to normal, but I think I will continue to shelter-in-place for a bit longer after reading this article.


Good information, I think, to help us make that decision.



"With a glass of wine having a cigarette seemed like a good idea, that led to 5 years of smoking until I found this site and relearned how simple it was to quit...don't smoke."


As  bars and restaurants start to reopen,  I hope everyone keeps in mind that drinking alcohol can put a quit in dangerous jeopardy.  It is easier to let down your guard when your mind is alcohol addled!


Please don't take a chance.  A quit is a terrible thing to lose.




"..have to learn to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. Get used to it and accept the challenge. Everything isn’t easy, and it shouldn’t be. Because when you accomplish something difficult, something really hard, the end result typically is much more meaningful. People have a way of toughening up when they refuse to run away from the obstacles in their lives."

Insightful quote from Eli Manning, former NY Giants retired QB, speaking with others to  graduating classes -  Eli Manning on iHeartRadio.

Thought I'd share since it seemed germane to life, AND to quitting smoking?


Wondering if you should drink during your quit smoking journey?  Simple!  Don't!  Alcohol influences your decision making abilities, and "just one" can seem OK because "nobody will know."

Your quit needs to remain your #1 priority, and not drinking helps you to keep it so.

Just don't.  A quit is a terrible thing to lose.


Dancingthrulife_6.4.13  celebrates seven years of smobriety today!

Please join me in congratulating her on this magnificent milestone!



(with much love!)



Finished mowing the lawn, sitting on your deck, thinking about a few cold ones?  If you are quitting smoking, an iced tea might be a better choice.  Your judgment is impaired from alcoholic drink one and you really DON'T know your tipping point (the point at which a cigarette ends up in your hand and then in your mouth).


Please don't chance it.  A quit is a terrible thing to lose.




Calling mpnaegle!

Posted by Youngatheart.7.4.12 May 25, 2020


Where are you?

Missing you!


OldBones-Larry gave me this idea this morning, so I'll start with his suggestion:


Journey - Don't Stop Believin' (Audio) - YouTube 


What will YOU add?

"I still remember the sick feeling of a stupid drunk and the more/most worse feeling in the whole world, realizing I lost my quit."


Don't let this be you.  Alcohol and quitting smoking don't mix......period


A quit is a terrible thing to lose.



After the pandemic...


It was still dark out when he woke up. The first thing he noticed was an awful, sour taste in his mouth. When he got up to pee, his head started to pound, and his chest felt like burning charcoal. THEN he remembered what he did last night. Out drinking with friends, he convinced himself that just one cigarette would be OK, that he could have just that one. He bummed one and went outside with the group to smoke it. He tried to remember what happened after that, but it was a  foggy blur.  He crawled back in bed to numbing sleep. When he awoke later in the morning, he remembered walking across the street to the all-night market and buying a pack.


Digging through his jacket pocket , he found the pack half empty. Knowing he would have to go through yet another day one, he wanted to cry. The 61 days of freedom had blown away, like smoke on a breeze. He was hooked, again. He lit his first cigarette of the day.


(PLEASE don't let this story be about you. You often don't make good decisions when you don't!)



My Twitter feed includes WomensArt and this came across today:


Amigurumi meaning ‘’crocheted stuffed doll’’ is the Japanese art of knitting/crocheting small, stuffed yarn creatures to unlock the inner child. It's gained wide popularity as a #LockdownArt due to simplicity with many patterns being circulated online.

(I LOVE the yellow one!!!)

Post picture(s) if you decide to try it. 





Covid-19 - Smokers seem less likely than non-smokers to fall ill with covid-19 | Science & technology | The Economist 

I wonder if past smoking history may protect us, too?  Hoping so!

At any rate, I am not going to start smoking over the findings!!!


I talked to my friend who owned the Bean Hollow Coffee Shop - and she said she will NOT be watching - it is SO much not in any way reality!  It was filmed TWO years after the flood.  When doing the ACTUAL clean-up, they had to wear Hazmat suits to shovel the two feet of mud and debris out of their businesses - because of the sewage in it - not wear cute blue shirts and use brooms!  And - the restaurant and business owners he helped live in $6 million homes - and really did not represent most of the small business owners affected.    I will still watch for the location, I think  - but not for any help Ramsey provided!!!!!


Ellicott City to be featured on 'Gordon Ramsay's 24 Hours to Hell and Back' on Tuesday | FOX 5 DC 


This historic town is about 3 miles from where I live and is one of my favorite places.  Some history: 

  • The community was established by the milling industry in the late 1700s. Quaker brothers Joseph, Andrew and John Ellicott founded Ellicott's Mills after purchasing land west of Baltimore in 1772, according to a 1865 historical account by Martha Ellicott Tyson. The mills ground wheat and other grains after the brothers persuaded local farmers not to plant tobacco.
  • Settlers called the area "The Hollow" for the valley characterized by steep hills, according to Ellicott Tyson.
  • The Wilkins-Rogers plant produces Washington brand flour on the original Ellicott mill site. The plant is the only remaining grist mill in Maryland, according to Howard County tourism.
  • The Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Museum has a historic station in the city. The museum, located in Baltimore, features "the oldest, most comprehensive American railroad collection in the world," according to the site's webpage. The Ellicott City location is the oldest U.S. station, featuring a depot built in 1831.


It has suffered two devastating floods in the recent past, caused by uncontrolled development on the hills above the town.   A neighbor had a well loved coffee shop with an eclectic clientele.   She was known for her location-roasted coffee; the roaster was found in the river after the first flood. She rebuilt after the first, and gave up after the second.  Some of the flood footage is included on the show, airing tonight.  It's going to be on Fox tonight at 8:00.