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If you are new to your quit,and even if you are further along, it's a good idea to start planning what you will do when faced with a choice whether to drink alcohol.

We know I will recommend against it - because you really don't know for sure your personal threshold (the point at which smoking "just one" seems OK).  If you must, limit yourself to a celebratory glass of champagne to welcome in the new year - and keep it at that one.

Why take a chance?  A quit is a terrible thing to lose!


I thought I might bring this back to the front of the line again to welcome our community's New Years quitters:  For Our New Years' Quitters (and community members, too) .  Welcome!  I hope you find this information helpful as you prepare for the most important journey of your lifetime, one to free yourself from addiction.


If you are quitting vaping on New Years, I welcome you to substitute the words  "vape,"  "Juul," or "puff" as appropriate since nicotine addiction is the same, no matter the delivery system..



Freedom is never having to worry about your next fix - not if, not where, not when, not how.  It is never having to worry about needing to quit  - not ever again.

And most importantly of all,  freedom is worth all it takes to attain it, I promise!

If you have already started in. stay with it.  If you are still worrying it to death, jump in.

Lots of of us here have been successful.  You can be, too.

Just DO it!


I write this Friday to remind our community about the dangers of drinking alcohol early in a quit smoking journey.  Your judgment is impaired from drink one and you really DON'T know your tipping point (the point at which a cigarette falls into your hand and then to your mouth).


A quit is a terrible thing to lose.


Wanted to call attention to the notice on the homepage - and to suggest to newbies that they ask a trusted elder for a way to contact them if a quit gets in danger.

Better safe than sorry!  Be prepared!!!


If your quit is two years old or less, don't be surprised if you start to think of smoking as the holidays and the seasonal change to winter occur.  We don't have a lot of practice getting past our triggers and associations with the change in  seasons and all that the holiday season brings (family drama may also be added to the mix!).

Don't be alarmed!  It happens to the best of us.  Just understand why it is happening.  Keep in mind that a thought is not a call to action.  If you need to make an excuse and take a break, do it.  Take a walk if you need it.  Take slow/deep breaths if you need them.  Come here and blog if you think it will help.

Just don't smoke.  All the fuss will be over soon!

And your quit will travel into the NEW YEAR,  keeping  in mind that it is another holiday, along with the temptation to drink alcohol - which, if you have been paying attention - you know is not really a good idea.



It's Friday and  I am spinning the same old (broken) record. It's the holidays and time for kicking back, enjoying the season and parties - oh, the parties. I am here to remind you that drinking alcohol while quitting smoking is a bad idea.   Drinking can interfere with your commitment not to smoke, and might lead you to believe, "just one won't hurt."  It ALWAYS will lead to more - that's the way addiction works.

Please just don't.  A quit is a terrible thing to lose.


If you MUST drink, make it water!  It quenches your thirst, and won't lead you to making faulty decisions.

Drinking alcohol can cloud your judgment and might lead you to falsely believe that "just one" won't hurt.  It will - it ALWAYS will lead to another, and another.  The site is littered with tales of ruined quits from drinking alcohol.

Please just don't do it.  A quit is a terrible thing to lose.


Spoke too soon!  Orthopedist just called and I have a hairline fracture of my kneecap.  Have to wear a brace to keep the leg straight, and go back to see him next week to be sure it hasn't displaced.  .Stay on crutches, ice and anti-inflammatories.


At least at this point no surgery is needed.  Gotta' look for those bright spots~




Prayers Needed

Posted by Youngatheart.7.4.12 Dec 4, 2019

Welp, I was TRYING to be safe.  I planned to give a fresh balsam wreath I received as a  present to my neighbor, so when it arrived, I left it outside to chill..  It rained a bit on the plastic it was in, so when I had to bring it in to my mudroom, I folded up the box it came in and sat it on that because - well, wet,  smooth, painted cement floors are slippery.


SO - what did I do??  I caught my foot under the edge of the box and went down, landing (of course) on my previously injured knee.  X-rays are tomorrow at Noon.  I simply CANNOT go through another broken bone and the resulting recovery.


Please send up a prayer that nothing is cracked! 



 Missy, Mandolinrain,  had unexpected company this entire past week, is tied up with holiday events this week and her hubby is having carpel tunnel surgery next week,. She wanted everyone to know so we don't worry about her absence.    She will be back as soon as she can!

shashort is having eye surgery tomorrow to correct loss of  sight in one eye.  Now, we all know that she has had more than her fair share, so I hope we can send her off in the morning with our prayers for the surgeon's skill, a good outcome and fast healing.


A friend told me about Duolingo - a free learn-a-language site.  You can choose how active you want to be, set goals, and it is arranged almost like a game.  I took five years of Spanish in school, but barely remember, "Como esta usted?" (How are you?).  It's something I can work on whenever I need to take a break, and provides good brain exercise.

Would also work as a great crave buster - and you would actually be learning something while you aren't smoking!

How cool is THAT?