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I have read, over time and again today, about folks having difficulty with replacing that "reward" cigarette, that "job well done" break one.  I know I STILL, after seven years, have a passing thought, especially with things I don't do as often.  Lately, I have been having those thoughts when taking a break from Fall housecleaning. 

So, community - I am asking for your input.  Have you found something that works for YOU? 

Please let us hear how you are handling it!


BECAUSE:  Why do I want to smoke so much when I drink? 


Be careful.  If you must drink, please limit yourself to one in the early days.  A quit  is a terrible thing to lose.





Posted by Youngatheart.7.4.12 Oct 23, 2019

Freedom is never having to worry about your next fix - not if, not where, not when, not how.


Freedom is worth all it takes to attain it, I promise!


Stay the course - it's a decision you will never regret!


A Haiku for YOU

Posted by Youngatheart.7.4.12 Oct 18, 2019

Don't put your quit at risk now

Drinking's a bad idea

Just one puff is not enough


(a quit is a terrible thing to lose!)




Sky Girl Update

Posted by Youngatheart.7.4.12 Oct 17, 2019

I had a recent message from Sky.  Jeff's ALS (also known as Lou Gehrig's Disease) is progressing, but they have recently gotten insurance approval for a new drug that is supposed to slow down its progression.  He is still able to work; the resort has made accommodations for him to function there.  She has moved out of her Virginia condo and sold all of its contents. She is only flying the bare minimum number of hours to keep her health insurance (Her Beloved, Jeff has none) and she couldn't afford to keep it.


For those new to the site, Sky is a flight attendant who quit smoking 7 years ago, was a very active member of the site and contributed her enthusiasm and the Paper Plate Awards to our annual gatherings.  She authored some of the site's  most insightful blogs.  She chose a lemon as her quit aid , and the photos of her well bitten citrus are the stuff of legends! Day 31: My name is Sky Girl and I'm a lemon-biter...



Her idea of creating and wearing a button "Be patient with me.  I am quitting smoking" has been suggested many times over since her time here for those in customer service.    She noted that her passengers all were quite encouraging.  She and her "Beloved" (as she called him)  were a couple for many years, and married a few years ago.  Jeff was diagnosed with ALS and they have been dealing with it for a couple of years now.  When she is not flying she is spending time in Oregon where he is still working at a resort there.


I know they would appreciate your prayers during these difficult days.



Drinking alcohol can make quitting smoking more difficult:  Alcohol & Smoking | Smokefree 

No reason to chance it.  A quit is a terrible thing to lose!


Thought it might be a good time to resurrect this one:  Be Prepared for the Change in Seasons .

Be prepared, not surprised!


It is just a bad idea.  This site is littered with stories of quits lost because "just one" sounded OK after a few drinks.  There is never "just one" to an addict.  It will lead you right back to a dependence on nicotine - every time.  Here is just one story:


"Ok I'm sad 2 say after one week i "craved in"...i really think i could have made it....Starting playing cards, then had a drink, & b4 i knew it i was smoking.   Man.....I am so pissed at myself but....


Please don't add your tale of woe to the others.  Drinking and quitting just don't mix.


A quit is a terrible thing to lose.





Thomas3.20.2010 blog gave me an idea.  Sometimes, in the throes of the first days quit, everything seems hopeless.  We feel as though we are NEVER going to feel like ourselves again, we are NEVER going to get beyond the craves and mood swings and digestive issues and sadness. 

But there are STILL things for which we can be thankful.  Let's share one for today!  I'll start:


I am thankful I didn't have to hop up an 8" step, on one leg, on crutches, to get home from rehab!