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It's Friday and  I am spinning the same old (broken) record.  The weekend brings the opportunity to kick back and enjoy yourself.  I am here to remind you that drinking alcohol while quitting smoking is a bad idea.   Drinking can interfere with your commitment not to smoke, and might lead you to believe, "just one won't hurt."  It ALWAYS will lead to more - that's the way addiction works.

Please just don't.  A quit is a terrible thing to lose.



FOOT Update

Posted by Youngatheart.7.4.12 Apr 24, 2019

Whew and Hallelujah! 

The metatarsal break is not very much out of alignment, so does not require surgery.  To keep it that way, I have to wear the boot up to my knee @24 x 7 (even to sleep).  Not too thrilled with that - but it beats surgery hands down!

I also need to use crutches for the next two weeks, then it will be x-rayed   The laceration is starting to heal well - so all is good with it, too.  Stitches may be removed in two weeks, too

Checked my level of Vitamin D and may give me a Rx strength of that for a bit.

All is good!


OK - so I was battening down the hatches for the severe storms that were due to roll through yesterday afternoon. It involved taking down my mailbox which I have sitting, unattached, on my porch ledge.  I keep a brick in it to keep it in place, but high winds could still send it sailing - a devastating metal missile with brick!  So - part of my preparations involved moving it off the ledge to the porch floor by the steps............

I was standing on the sidewalk three steps below it, lifted it to move it down, and the brick came careening down the length of the box, pushed open the door, sent it into the bridge of my nose and then sent it in a corner dive into the top of my foot. It left a two inch x 1/2 inch laceration in the top of my foot, which bled like a stuck pig.  Left bloody footprint puddles everywhere I stepped, and I could not get it above my heart AND apply pressure at the same time, so called 911.  

Of course, they took me to the local sh*tfest hospital where they left me in an examining room sitting up with my foot on the floor, and the gauze wrap filling with blood at an alarming rate.  I finally got off the exam table, put the head down, moved the side table over, laid down and put the foot up on the table...........and NOBODY mentioned I had done that when they finally came into the room.  X-rays showed I had broken the big toe metatarsal in several places......and the laceration needed stitches.

Thank Heavens they didn't deal with the break there - I am in a boot up to my knee until a Wednesday appointment with a University of Maryland foot orthopedist.    And I am on crutches - AGAIN - but at least I can still get upstairs to my bed and back down...fix my own coffee and food.  I won't know if the bone will need anything special to heal until Wednesday.

Prayers for no surgery will be appreciated.

(and the storms passed us by - not that I'm complaining)

(and I haven't smoked over it - nor has it even been a blip on my radar!)

(and I am going to ask a friend to look at my back to be SURE there isn't a bullseye on it - because I am pretty sure there MUST be one!) 

...and the parade of cows coming back from lower in the Alps has begun!

Those who know me know I have a special affinity for cows - and I just couldn't resist posting this.

(you should now carry on helping/getting help quitting smoking!!!)




Posted by Youngatheart.7.4.12 Apr 16, 2019

I thought deleting the blog causing Firefox to freeze might unstick it.  I had tried to edit today's blog after Mark was able to embed the video I wanted, and it froze Firefox. I tried everything I could think of to unfreeze it, including restarting, turning off and eventually turning off the internet to no avail.  I then opened the blog from Chrome and deleted it.....


To no avail........................Firefox is still frozen.....................


I am coming to you now from Chrome.....................


but I am sick of computers for this day, and am detoxing for the evening.


Nobody smoke, ya' HEAR??!!!



"Alcohol reduces the functions of the behavioral inhibitory centers in the brain, Forbes reports. It also slows down how information is processed in the brain. When you see, hear, taste, or smell something, your brain processes this information and then tells you how to think or feel. Alcohol interferes with this process, making it harder for you to work out what you are feeling and also making you less likely to be able to really think through potential consequences."

How Does Alcohol Lower Your Inhibitions and Cause You to Make Bad Decisions? 


No wonder so many folks over the years have reported losing a quit when drinking. 


Please don't let it be you.  A quit is a terrible thing to lose.






Do it for THEM!  Do it for YOU!


In response to a previous blog on this subject , a community member wrote:


"Be careful, I lost two long quits from alcohol."

Take heed! That drink really isn't worth it.   A quit is a terrible thing to lose.