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From Kathy:
"Quick note - I should be going home tomorrow -
Thanks for all of the love, prayers and support!! 
Message from Strudel (so she gets a notice of this blog)
Hi to all and thank you all for the prayers, support, visits, messages, and special  touches! Thank you Chris for being such a great coordinator! 
The doctor was just here - no pathology report yet. Feel pretty crappy - nauseous. Then I went into A Fib last night  - said it was fairly common with this type of surgery. Hopefully things will look up soon. They took out one of chest tubes. They had been talking about getting out Saturday- but that may change. I will try to keep you all posted.
Love to all! 

If you blink

When you drink.

You might forget NOPE

and feel like a dope

(no Poet Laureate am I!)

How to Stop Smoking When You Drink Alcohol 

A quit is a terrible thing to lose.  Just don't drink this weekend.




Posted by Youngatheart.7.4.12 Mar 28, 2019

"The nicotine in inhaled tobacco smoke moves from the lungs into the bloodstream and up to a smoker's brain within seven to 10 seconds. Once there, nicotine triggers a number of chemical reactions that create temporary feelings of pleasure for the smoker, but these sensations are short-lived, subsiding within minutes."  Nicotine's Effects on the Brain 


ALWAYS keep in mind that the hit of dopamine in your brain when you ingest nicotine only lasts until it doesn't, and your brain starts to demand its next fix, and its next, ad infinitum.  This addiction does not let go until you decide to end your dependence on it.  You CAN get your dopamine in other ways - some chocolate, listening or dancing to music, any kind of exercise - even marching in place.  You need to make that decision, though, and nobody can make it for you.

Do it and MEAN it - all else is just clutter!


from her sister, Chris:
Hi All,

I talked to Kathy recently. She is still very tired and in pain. She had another meeting with the doctor. The cancer was confirmed, some other tissue was removed during surgery and is being tested at pathologist.


She had a couple of tubes removed, including the catheter, so she is getting up and moving to use the restroom.

She is sleeping most of the time, more like on and off because of the pain and medication.


She has gotten all of her emails and read them and thanks you all. She is not up to responding yet.

I will keep you updated, but hopefully she can go home in a few days (they originally said 4-5 days)

Please keep her in your prayers, and take care of yourselves too!



Hi Friends,

Kathy's friends K and Phillis stayed in her room until they brought her in and got her settled. She was in a great deal

of pain in the recovery area, but they got that taken care of and brought her to her room when she was stable.

Kathy is now resting/sleeping. Thanks to K and Phillis for taking such good care of Kathy and staying with her during and after surgery!

Thanks for all your nice emails and good wishes for Kathy.

Her room number at Moses Cone Hospital in Greensboro is 4 East #14.


I am extending a hand to begin a prayer circle for Kathy  Strudel - as she goes through her lung cancer surgery today.

May she come through safely and come out the other side as good as new.

I will give updates today as I receive them from her sister.


Have a drink

And you might think

It's OK for "just one"

And your quit will be gone


Just don't drink  - A quit is a terrible thing to lose.



OK  - Mother Nature! Yesterday we had 2" of torrential rain and I had to drive two and a half hours in THAT!  This morning my empty trash can was nowhere to be seen.  I had to walk three blocks and back in 25 mph steady and 50 mph wind gusts to retrieve it.  THEN I had to find the lid which was in the back of a neighbor's yard and had to traverse an entire yard of mud to retrieve THAT!


But I'm not smoking over it!  And very thankful for THAT!




The changes of seasons are infrequent events and we thus don't have a lot of practice relearning our past smoking rituals around them.  For at least the first two years (and sometimes much longer) after you quit, you might find yourself having thoughts of smoking as they occur.  Create a NEW association with them and it will get easier with time.

My first instance was that after almost 15 months I had thoughts that something was missing when I took my break from raking leaves.  I had relearned most things in my new life and had new rituals, but this was something with which I had not dealt.  It wasn't a crave exactly, but I did want to smoke a cigarette.  I created a NEW association by fixing myself a small,  cold Pepsi over crushed ice (I no longer drink soda on a a regular basis). and took my break with that.  Bingo!

Be aware as the season changes this year - and think ahead of time what you will do differently now that you don't smoke.

Be prepared, not surprised 

Nancy not required with the wearin' of the green!

Celebrate St. Patrick's Day with corned beef and cabbage, or the sportin'  of the shamrock, but if you are quitting smoking, leave the alcohol alone.  It makes you a tool and you might succumb to the "just one."  Don't be fooled - it will NEVER be just one to an addict.

A quit is a terrible thing to lose.


Don't ever forget

Drinking and quitting don't  mix

A quit could be lost


(and a quit is a terrible thing to lose)



Marilyn.H.July.14.14. asked me to bring our Wednesday camel, George, by.   I asked George to wish you all a stupendous, glorious, ginormous, splendiforous smoke free day, and to tell you that our sweet Marilyn doesn't want to hear anyone horking up a lung in her absence

(at least I THINK that's what he's saying!) 

Please make it your #1 priority!


SkyGirl wanted me to let everyone know that she loves us, misses us, and hopes to be able to make it to Virginia Beach (depending on how Jeff is doing in May).


Let's all continue the prayer circle!


(The Other) Nancy


Got Snow?

Posted by Youngatheart.7.4.12 Mar 3, 2019

For our northern friends, and anyone else in the lower 48 who are getting any of the stuff!


Is it Safe to Eat Snow? | Outside Online 


These might make a great crave buster, stir-crazy activity!



Our SkyGirl  (Nancy)  has been absent because her beloved husband was diagnosed with ALS in September.  For those who don't know her, she is an elder, a flight attendant,  and someone who was very active in our community.   She has had to continue working to maintain their health insurance.  So - all of her time has been spent flying and trying to spend as much time as she can with him.  He is not doing well.


She has not been on the site because she simply has no time, so please don't feel upset if she doesn't respond to pms'.


I hope you will take my hand in prayer for Jeff and her.


(The Other) Nancy

You need to make lots of good decisions when you quit smoking to keep it your #1 priority.  One of the most important is whether to continue going out on the weekends with friends or family and including alcohol.  This is another area of your life that it is important to change a bit, especially early in your quit.  That one bad decision to drink has caused a LOT of quits to be lost by members of our community.  I have read about it over and over through the years, and don't want it to happen to you.  Do you REALLY know how much alcohol it takes for your addled brain to believe "just one won't hurt?"


A quit is a terrible thing to lose.