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Looks like a GREAT crave buster! 


Dangerous Temps

Posted by Youngatheart.7.4.12 Jan 30, 2019

meWisconsin and others in the dangerous temperature zone - please stay warm and safe.  Thinking about you all - we are going to be cold - but not like YOU!

Can you IMAGINE going outside to smoke?  Fingers without gloves will develop frostbite in a really short period of time:  "On exposed skin, with wind chill values between -10 and -20 degrees, frostbite can happen in 30 minutes. As wind chills climb to -20 to -30, it could happen in as little as 10 minutes." 

SO glad we don't do that anymore!


as my last entry on my birthday!  MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!



I use seed blocks in metal cages to keep the squirrels from pigging out on the seed I put out for the birds.  As you can see, however, they find a way.  They chip away at it, then hang upside down to eat the chunks they get!


Just like quitting smoking, you supply the WILLingness, we can help with the WAY (although I won't promise to hang upside down to provide that!)



I made a lot of beaded needlepoint Santa ornaments when I was still a smoker.  Here's a not-very-good photo of one to give you an idea of how much attention to detail they take:  The beads are put in one at a time!

To begin, you have to pull a 16 inch - 6 or 8 strand of embroidery floss into single strands (so your stitches lie flat).  When I was a smoker and it twisted and knotted and became a Royal pain, I would just yank and usually break it - and had lots of short strands with which to work, causing lots of starts and stops as I worked.   

Now that I don't smoke, the increase in my patience is extraordinary.  I created all of the single strands today without one broken thread --- no yanking, no cursing, no knots!  I just gently did what I had to do - and when the inevitable tangle would occur, I just worked on it until I got it undone.   Easy-peasy!


Just ANOTHER example of the benefit of quitting smoking (and we falsely believed smoking HELPED with stress --- another example of how that was just another lie of the addiction!)



It was one of the best decisions you ever made.  A decision on whether to quit drinking alcohol, or whether to limit yourself if you must,  is equally important.  It is a given that drinking impairs your thinking.  It might  lead you to believe having "just one" will be OK..  We know there is never such a thing to an addict.  I have read of this happening to many here on the site, and it led them right back to smoking full-time.  Please make a good decision about this, too.

A quit is a terrible thing to lose!


(NOPE =  Not  One  Puff  Ever)



Congratulations, and thank you for our daily dose of the good word!

So happy you aren't almost horking up a lung anymore!


It's Friday!  For those who work, it's the last day before a well earned two days off.  For retired me, it means I have to find another way to pass along information on drinking alcohol and quitting smoking.   In my 6 1/2 years here, I have read of too many quits that have been lost by a night out at a bar with friends, so I have decided to make it my mission to save others from that fate.


Here''s an article that makes the point:  Quitting Smoking If You Drink Alcohol 


A quit is terrible thing to lose.  Please don't drink this weekend!



Some folks lately have been asking for tips to help them when they are driving while quitting smoking, since that was one of the few places left where you could still smoke.  Here are some tips I've gathered over the years.


Use some of the money you are saving to have your car detailed. Put apple slices under the seats to absorb remaining odor, and leave windows cracked when you can to let in fresh air. Keep them closed when you are driving to reduce the smoking association.   Change your routes to usual places so the scenery is different. Count the red/blue/white cars you see, or the lights you hit or miss. Keep a cold bottle of water from which to sip and some mints or gum. Get a book on tape or tunes to which you can sing aloud. Make up stories about the people you see in other cars: Where are they going? Do they want to go there? Why or why not? What do you think they had for breakfast? If it's more than a single person, what are they talking about? Work? Family? Sports?  Are they happy, sad, bored?  Why?


Please add any other tips you might have!







The stress of watching the Ravens end of season games (they had to win out to make the post-season) almost made me wish I was still smoking - notice I said ALMOST!

I mentioned that I was doing some decorating to celebrate their making it into the playoffs and a few asked for photos.  Here are a couple!




There are purple flamingos along the walkway to the left and purple lights across the front of the porch that just don't show up....but it's quite festive!!

There is a physical reason smoking and drinking seem to go hand in hand:Drinking and smoking go hand in hand recent research suggests: Nicotine dampens feel-good chemicals in the brain, making… 


If you are quitting smoking, you should avoid drinking alcohol. 


A quit is a terrible thing to lose.