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Q: When is it OK to drink alcohol early in your quit?

A:  NEVER! In the first five months of your quit, it needs to be your #1 priority. If you absolutely MUST drink, limit yourself to ONE!  You don't really know what your tipping point will be (the point at which your addictive mind tells you it's OK to have 'just one' and you listen to it!) 


It's just not worth taking a chance.  A quit is a terrible thing to lose!






It's the holiday season and time for lots of parties.  It is just not a good idea to drink alcohol if you are quitting smoking, or drink too much after you have been quit for awhile.  It lessens your inhibitions and can allow you to believe that just one won't hurt.  It WILL - one will always lead to others when you are an addict.


This article outlines what drinking does to your mind and body.  If you MUST drink, it also gives some tips on how best to do it.


Please be cautious, my friends.  A quit is a terrible thing to lose.




It's Friday!

Posted by Youngatheart.7.4.12 Nov 16, 2018

and I am spinning the same old (broken) record.


The weekend is upon us.  Time to unwind and refresh..............


Drinking alcohol while quitting smoking is just not a good idea.  Drinking can interfere with your commitment not to smoke, and might lead you to believe, "just one won't hurt."  It ALWAYS will lead to more - that's the way addiction works.

Please just don't.  A quit is a terrible thing to lose.



Sobering Research

Posted by Youngatheart.7.4.12 Nov 15, 2018

Smoking a Pack a Day for a Year Leaves 150 Mutations in Every Lung Cell | Science | Smithsonian 


which hammers home that if you are quit, stay that way, and if you haven't quit, you must.  No excuse now that we know so much more.



@Sootie continues on the site to helps others all these many years.

Thank you, and







Posted by Youngatheart.7.4.12 Nov 13, 2018

I thought I was doomed to be a smoker to the point I believed my last breath on this earth would end with an exhale of cigarette smoke. I had myself also believing that if I ate a healthy diet and exercised EVERY day, I could negate the bad effects of smoking. ….UNTIL a vascular surgeon apprised me differently. I successfully quit on my very first attempt – because I believed I had no other choice. I thought it through, got my tools together and made it happen! Wasn't easy, but I did it – 6+ years ago.


This morning I really wanted a veggie and cheese omelet. I thought it through, figured ways around my one-handed state, and began. I had to cover the hand end of the splint with a plastic bag to hold down the veggies and used a REALLY big serrated knife to cut them left-handed. The biggest challenge was getting a three egg omelet filled with spinach, spring onions, tomatoes, mushrooms and cheese (made enough for three breakfasts) out of the pan. BUT – I made it happen by sticking a second spatula into the end of the splint!!


You CAN quit smoking or make an omelet one-handed! You can do anything you make up your mind to do!




(This created in Paint------left-handed! ------- from a card sent to me by a friend)

We are often asked how long it will be after a quit begins to be “THERE,” that place where cravings are gone, we feel at peace and no longer think of smoking. Some think it should be after a month or two. Others want it to be NOW for heaven's sake! We give guidelines, but just as every quit is unique, so is everyone's journey.


I was reminded of this at my 12 day check-up after surgery to implant plates and screws to repair both a broken elbow and wrist. I have been carrying around a 15 pound plaster cast and was ready to be “THERE!” I fully expected to leave the office with maybe a small wrist and small elbow brace. Imagine my disappointment when they made a NEW full arm to hand splint – to be kept on for ANOTHER four weeks at least.


I was so upset until I realized how unrealistic my expectations, in fact, were. Although it has felt like months because I hate to be inactive, it has only been TWELVE days!


Lesson to be learned? All the wanna's and need to's in the world are not going to make the quit journey any shorter or bones heal any faster.......and if we just hang on to give it the time it takes, we will make it to THERE!


(and at least this splint is held in place with Velcro straps so I can take breaks to move it a bit and let it breathe)


Hang in there!



I know it's a bad idea anecdotally from my time volunteering here, but it it just makes sense:

Alcohol & Smoking | 

A quit is a terrible thing to lose.