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Isn't it GREAT?

Posted by Youngatheart.7.4.12 Sep 30, 2018

Pops is on DAY




Keep adding ANOTHER!



Thinking Long Term

Posted by Youngatheart.7.4.12 Sep 23, 2018

I am incorrigible when it comes to doing things I'm not supposed to when recovering from surgery, a broken bone, etc. It got so bad when I was trying to vacuum with a cracked sternum (yeah, I really did do that!) that I finally decided to consult with a doctor for advice how to get myself under control.  He suggested I ask myself when thinking about doing something that I knew I probably shouldn't:  "Is this in my LONG TERM best interest?"  Puts what you want in the moment in the right perspective, doesn't it?

Applies to smoking that cigarette after you've quit, too, doesn't it? Smoking is NEVER in your long term best interest! So – just don't!


ShawnP has 3500 days today!




The change of seasons and holidays are annual events and we thus don't have a lot of practice relearning our past smoking rituals around them.  For at least the first two years after you quit, you might find yourself having thoughts of smoking as they occur.  Create a NEW association with them and it will get easier with time.

My first instance was that, after almost 15 months, I had thoughts that something was missing when I took my break from raking leaves.  I had relearned most things in my new life and had new rituals, but this was something with which I had not dealt.  It wasn't a crave exactly, but I did want to smoke a cigarette.  I created a NEW association by fixing myself a small, really cold Pepsi over crushed ice (I no longer drink soda on a a regular basis).  Bingo!

Be aware as the season changes this year - and think ahead of time what you will do differently now that you don't smoke. 



Posted by Youngatheart.7.4.12 Sep 15, 2018


Don't let THIS be you!

If you are quit, stay vigilant!

If you are thinking about it, get started NOW!

If you are just starting out, give it the time it takes!


"Alcohol reduces the functions of the behavioral inhibitory centers in the brain, Forbes reports. It also slows down how information is processed in the brain. When you see, hear, taste, or smell something, your brain processes this information and then tells you how to think or feel. Alcohol interferes with this process, making it harder for you to work out what you are feeling and also making you less likely to be able to really think through potential consequences."

How Does Alcohol Lower Your Inhibitions and Cause You to Make Bad Decisions? 


Thus,  the thought of "just one" can take hold of you, and you won't be thinking beyond the dopamine hit.  It also impacts your decision making about the amount you should drink, further enhancing your chance of a quit relapse.


A quit is a terrible thing to lose.  Please keep it your #1 priority;  don't drink.



FDA Cracks Down on Underage Use of E-Cigarettes | Smart News | Smithsonian 

Where were they when this "epidemic" was growing?

Shameful - but I guess better late than never.  I wonder how many will now turn to tobacco to get their fix??!!!



You CAN Choose

Posted by Youngatheart.7.4.12 Sep 11, 2018

Marilyn.H.July.14.14. 's blog this morning got me thinking.  We CAN, in some measure, choose how difficult our quits will be. Go with the flow, educate yourself so you understand what is happening,  and accept the symptoms of withdrawal each day. Have a plan what you will do when it gets difficult and follow it.  Work at  it in the early days.  Know that it is going to take awhile - and be secure in the knowledge that all the lousy days are going to pass.  Look forward to the end of the journey, secure in the knowledge that the uncomfortable parts will end, and it will be worth all the effort it has taken.



NOOOOOOOOOOOO!  Not THAT birdie!   THIS one!




Hope your day is as special as you!!!!

Happy Birthday!



and it was one of the best decisions you ever made.

A decision on whether to quit drinking alcohol, or whether to limit yourself if you must,  is equally important.  It is a given that drinking impairs your thinking and it follows that it might  lead you to believe having "just one" will be OK..  We know there is never such a thing to an addict.

Please make a good decision about this, too.

A quit is a terrible thing to lose!


I have gone back to physical therapy because my swimming laps and walking 2 miles a day have not gotten my hip any stronger over the summer  (I had it repaired when it was broken in a fall on Mother's Day weekend).   I was beginning to fear I would not EVER be able to be off of a crutch or a cane, and might never be able to go for my beloved long walks by the river, participate in yoga, or swim using a frog kick.  I am not a sedentary human - and the idea of becoming one is my worst fear.

My PT today told me today there is NO reason I won't be walking without an aid, and doing yoga (at least MOST of it).   He is as perplexed as I am about the lack of progress - but we will concentrate on doing specific things to strengthen the hip now  He said it might take six months of hard work - but I should be back to my normal activities then.

SO glad I didn't smoke over it ---- what a waste THAT would have been....and I would have had the double whammy of having to go back to Day One when I was ready to enjoy my active life again.

Stay the course  - and NEVER think smoking would make ANYTHING better.  I am glad I made the right choice!





Good Morning fellow EXer's! The Freedom Train is on the tracks, and prepared to make it's daily run to Freedom from smoking! Everyone is invited to come aboard to celebrate their own personal Freedom, and that of their friends!!

Today, by special request, we celebrate:

Mandolinrain with FOUR Years of Freedom!

If you are new here, this vehicle provides an area for everyone to gather and celebrate the milestones, and successes of those in our community! There are no tickets! The fuel for this locomotive is love and caring! The rides on this Train are paid for in contributions to the quits of others! The only thing required to ride this Train is a desire to breathe FREE! We encourage everyone to join in the celebration! No matter where you are in your quit, today is special, and is cause for celebration! Celebrate with others, and they will celebrate with you! There are no baggage fees! Bring all your "EXtra baggage"! We will help you sort it out!

We encourage you to come aboard today! Shout out your personal milestones, and those of your friends! Show your pride in your quit! Days, 200 Days or 2000 Days!More, it you have them! Let us hear from you, and let us all celebrate our FREEDOM!! Post food and music! IT IS PARTY TIME!!!

This Train is bound for FREEDOM from the Evils tobacco and smoking!!




(Your Conductress for the Day!)


I'm jumping for joy!


(and grateful for all the on-target words of wisdom she shares with us each day!)