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It's Summertime

Posted by Youngatheart.7.4.12 Jun 29, 2018

Picnics, weddings, sitting on the deck enjoying the dance of the lightning bugs, outdoor dining, pool parties.....................

LOTS of activities that  include drinking alcohol:


"After 6 months smober, I lost it at a party, thinking just one won't hurt, took 15 years to quit again!"


If you are an ex-smoker,  drinking is just not a good idea. You really don't know how much alcohol it will take for you to think "just one can't hurt."   If you must drink, please limit yourself to one.


A quit is a terrible thing to lose!



When you quit smoking and generally in life, it's important to remember to appreciate the little things in our lives. We get burdened by withdrawal symptoms or the problems in our lives.   Please take a moment and savor the fresh air in your smoke free lungs or the smell of newly mowed grass, or the earth after a rain   Today I am celebrating my hydrangea's bountiful array..:


...and the arrival of another season of Grey's Anatomy on Netflix (I don't have to try to listen to it on my computer with the lousy speakers anymore!)

What will YOU be thankful for today?


It's the weekend - and time for doing some bar hopping, imbibing with friends.  Be warned, though  fellow, quitters.  There will be a high probability of a lost quit from brain addlement brought on by alcohol.  Please stick to one drink if you must join in.  You really don't know how many drinks it takes for the addict within to tell you it's OK to have just one - and it sounds reasonable,

A  quit is a terrible thing to lose.



Did 30 minutes of water walking.  Maaaaaaaaa-velous!

Hip seemed to do fine.......knee is not cooperating with swim kicks so will have to check on that with my PT --- but this is PROGRESS!  Color me happy (whatever color THAT is!)





Posted by Youngatheart.7.4.12 Jun 11, 2018

If anyone doubts how tenacious this nicotine addiction is, I offer my latest experience.  Having quite a nice dream (for a change) last night about being at the beach.  I walk up to one of those round aluminum tables where a woman my age is sitting, relaxing and smoking.  I pull up a chair, get out a cigarette, light it, and start a conversation:  "Gosh, I quit smoking years ago and started back up. I don't remember why."  Puffing away.........

HUH?  I quit smoking almost six years ago - and STILL these smokemares occur. 

Be vigilant, my friends, the addiction is STILL lurking somewhere in your subconscious!

(not to worry - these are easy to dismiss and don't constitute a crave - just one example of what a powerful addiction this is)