Blog Post created by Youngatheart.7.4.12 on Sep 23, 2017

I do a manic housecleaning each Fall, and as part of that I take down all my curtains, hang them outside, and, of course, iron them.  I don't iron much else - so this setting up of the ironing board is pretty much only an annual event.

I put up my ironing board the other day -------- and BAM - I had a craving for a cigarette!  FIVE+ YEARS and I had a craving for a cigarette.......not a passing thought and easy to dismiss........but a "get in the car and go buy a pack" CRAVE!

This addiction NEVER lets go, I don't think.  I realized I had not relearned this association since I repeat it so infrequently ---- so it became a trigger.  WOW!  I knew what to do, so I turned on the TV, made an iced Pepsi and got out a bag of whole grain honey twists on which to munch.  The crave seemed to last a long time, but it eventually let go.

Always have your tools handy!

Be vigilant, my friends!