The F Word

Blog Post created by Youngatheart.7.4.12 on Sep 19, 2017


No - not THAT one:


If you are just starting your quit, or have years in, you might spend a minute thinking about what freedom from addiction means to you!  To me, it means:

-traveling by air without the added discomfort of needing a cigarette when I am already stressed out.  I remember hearing of people stuck on the tarmac for hours, and wondering what I would do----I would probably have had to get OFF that plane! I flew to Europe last fall, so had the three hours in the airport, then ELEVEN on the plane, then through the airport in Germany.  I was LESS stressed during the entire process because I wasn't worried about smoking and having those receptors firing all the time.

-not worrying about my supply of smokes when the weather forecast was bad.

-not being mortified in a crowded space knowing how awful I smelled.

What does it mean to YOU?