We CAN Make The Choice!

Blog Post created by Youngatheart.7.4.12 on Sep 2, 2017

I turned my heat on yesterday just to get the chill off and it worked - but made quite a racket!  Now I have to call yet another repairman ---- I've had the plumber and the electrician in over the past month - but I'm not smoking over it!

I am expecting that the rain we are getting today (remnants from Harvey) will at least melt the iceberg in my outdoor pool ---- but I'm not smoking over it, either.

I charged my Fitbit that I had drowned and it WORKED when I went to bed --- but out of charge this morning, so I guess it isn't actually reborn ---- but I'm not smoking over it, either.

Lots of things happen in life out of our control.

Smoking is not one of them. THAT is a choice! Choose wisely!