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Mark and Giulia


I am helping Mark test the moderation filter.




Posted by Youngatheart.7.4.12 Aug 28, 2017




This is a test of the Emergency Broadcast System (aka Moderation Filter).






Posted by Youngatheart.7.4.12 Aug 28, 2017



You might act like Billy (the goat)


Don't be a dilly!

If you are quitting smoking, it is a bad idea to drink alcohol.

You might smoke; you might not.  Why take the chance?  A quit is a terrible thing to lose.


I was thinking about the terrible, horrible no good rotten day I blogged about here, (I Would Rather Be Moderated! )  and thought I would share my “AHA” moment about it.


Had I simply stopped and thought before acting, I could have avoided ALL of it. Reminds me of one of my favorite sayings, “the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.”


At the gas station, had I stopped and used my BRAIN, I would have spent a moment and realized there was ANOTHER pump handle (albeit hidden on the side of the pump) or realized that the reason the nozzle didn't fit into the fill hole was because that nozzle WAS for diesel and that is the reason that one kept lighting up.


At Sears, if I had stopped and THOUGHT about it when I first couldn't locate my truck, I would have retraced my entry route, realized there were TWO entrances with cement columns, and that it was possible both of them led to the appliance department.


At the spa, I might have sat in my car a moment and asked myself if I had all I needed BEFORE limp/dragging my way there.....


Just like making that decision to light a cigarette after you have quit. Take a moment FIRST, think it through. Think about WHY you are giving up and what you can do about it. Are you Hungry, Angry, Lonely, Tired (HALT)? If so – take care of THAT first. What else can you do? Come here and blog “HELP?” Go for a walk? Call a friend?


THINK before you act. Only you can prevent bad days (or lost quits!!!)



Someone was "shocked" at this and called me down on it.

"I don't think anybody here is gaming the system ---- except maybe Pops!  I didn't even know we could mark our own blogs/comments - and not sure anybody else would have thought to do that, either.

Most (if not all) of us just want to help people quit smoking, and, at least for me, the points are just another thing with which to have some fun!"

I was kidding, and hope everyone knew it.  That blog was all in fun at that point, at least I thought it was.


Today was, to put it mildly, a challenge. To begin, it was 94 degrees and humid when I began about Noon. I pulled a little close to the gas station pump and there wasn't room to maneuver, so I couldn't get out my crutches - so I limp/.dragged in to pay my $10.00.  I tried to put the nozzle in my tank and it wouldn't go - THEN I notice the light is flashing over "Diesel!."  I figured I must have hit it by mistake, so back in the office I go.  She cancels the transaction out, puts it back in and back outside to the pump I go.  (I figure some reading this have already figured it out!!!)  I repeated this process, canceling the transaction, going back in, coming back out, about five times (all without crutches)  when I notice the nozzle on the OTHER side of the pump!  Gee, perhaps the attendant could have mentioned something about this BEFORE my many limp/drags back and forth??

Then I get to Kohl's and make that return easy peasy.

Next to Sears to return a Lands End purchase.  I park at the entrance where I know a register is right inside.  When I get there, I am sent to the Lands End counter at the OTHER end of the store ----- but at least they have I limp/drag my way across the store.  I take note of the entrance to the appliance section of the store with concrete columns over the doors.  When I leave, I go back through the appliances, out the door ----- and cannot find my CRV.  In the heat (but WITH my crutches at least), I scour that lot hither and yon - getting hotter and more desperate as time goes by.  I finally find a spot of shade and decide to think about it LOGICALLY.  I then retrace my route  into the lot and realize there are TWO entrances with cement columns, both emanating from the appliance department and.....I find my truck.

On to the spa for a pedicure.  AFTER I parked and limp/dragged  the three blocks, in the heat, I realized I left my flip flops IN  THE back I go.....limp/drag/limp/drag!

I am FINALLY home.....and I am not going to smoke over ANY of it.....but I guarantee I ain't movin' an inch this evening!

I hope you all fared better today!



Help Someone

Posted by Youngatheart.7.4.12 Aug 21, 2017



I did something special for ME today (and for someone else).  I saw this lady in the story with a gaggle of young'uns , a cart full of school supplies and not looking as though she could afford it all. I had just been to the bank machine, so I had some cash in my possession, and shared some with her.  I was happy to be able to do that (since I quit smoking, I have saved a LOT in five years!);  it made ME feel wonderful, and she was very, very grateful.

I think I made BOTH of our days!


for your quit except

Remember, there is never a good reason to smoke; there are only excuses.


Drinking while quitting smoking can drown your commitment.  You really don't know how much alcohol it takes for your soaked brain to think, "just one won' hurt!"

How Do I Stop Smoking When Drinking Alcohol? 

Please don't chance it this weekend.  A quit is a terrible thing to drown!


The previous incarnation of TheYoung would have ordered solar eclipse glasses for herself, her family and friends six months ago. 

The current ex-smoker incarnation?  "Welp, I can watch it on the news!"

NOW I'm thinking I'd like to actually experience it, but the proper eye wear is nowhere!

If you are like the current me, here are some other ideas for safe viewing:

Can't Get Solar Eclipse Glasses? How to Make a DIY Viewer That Will Protect Your Eyes  


If you drank enough alcohol this weekend to think "just one won't hurt" and ruined your quit.

A quit is a terrible thing to lose.  Please don't chance it!


Go play a slot machine.

It's just not a good idea to take a chance and drink alcohol  early in your quit.  Over my years here I have seen many a quit lost when someone's addled brain thinks, "just one will be OK."  There is no such thing as "just one" to an addict.

A quit is a terrible thing to lose.  Please don't chance it!