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you are playing with fire.  Drinking alcohol while you are quitting smoking can lead to warped thinking that "just one won't hurt."   

Please don't chance it.  A quit is a terrible thing to lose.

so we can celebrate this stupendous, ginomorous, unimaginably good Hump Day to be smoke free!

If you drink alcohol when you are quitting smoking, your addled brain might think, "just one won't hurt" and even Dudley Doright won't be able to save your quit!

Don't chance it.  A quit is a terrible thing to lose.


- weed and mulch a large garden in one session

- clean my whole house in one day

- wear that teeny bikini

- squat to weed a garden

- paint the trim on my house from a ladder

- smoke

And with acceptance comes peace.

I wish you all the peace of a smoke free life (for those just starting out - have patience - acceptance and that peace will come in time - and it's well worth the wait)


until I DID!  These came from my garden this evening.   I just LOVE flowers on my table!    Gardening is hard work - just like quitting - but the end result is worth it - don't you agree?



whether you are quitting smoking or going to your pool on crutches!

Last week I ventured to my summer pool for the first time, and just automatically grabbed my pool bag. It was in the 90's, and by the time I lugged that heavy thing with one handle of my crutch through the parking lot, up the stairs, and across the pool deck to a chair, I thought I was going to DIE. I was only allowed to float anyway – which, for me, lasted barely 5 minutes before I was bored to tears (I usually swim laps) – but I dreaded trying to get that bag back to the car. I made it – but was hot and tired when I got home, and was not looking forward to my next trip – even though this week I could water walk.


This morning,though, I had an “AHA” moment. I decided to go through that bag to see what was essential. Did I really need a cover-up that only served me when I was traveling there? Nope! Since I couldn't swim laps, did I REALLY need a cap, goggles and ear plugs? Nope! Did I REALLY need to moisturize after my shower AT the pool, or could I change it up and wait until I was home? Yep! If I did my visit differently and stayed in the shade, did I really need sunscreen and a hat? Nope! I reduced the amount I carried to a small backpack, hung my towel around my neck and made it to the pool with no hassle, wear OR tear.....and thoroughly enjoyed two sessions of water walking.


And your quit? Think about how you can change things up! Can you get up from the table and start the dishes right away? Can you get out of bed, put on your tennis shoes and hit the sidewalk BEFORE your shower and coffee? Can you find a different way to work or the store to change up the scenery?


Some forethought and planning can go a long way! (and I hope you never have to go to YOUR pool on crutches!!!)



To all our smoke free, loving life, free from addiction Dads!

What's the best advice your father ever gave you?

I LOVE flip flops and must have about 25 pair!  Pink polka dots, black strappy ones,striped ones, flowered footbed ones,  a pair with bling!

They are GREAT for your feet - but flip flopping about drinking when you are quitting smoking is NOT a good idea.  Don't even entertain that thought!  (I know this is a stretch - bear with me, here!!!)

A quit is a terrible thing to lose!



I have noticed the results of this - everywhere you go, everybody seems to be using their phones -  during meals, walking down the street, out with friends.  There was a piece on "60 Minutes" this past Sunday on it - and I was taken aback by the philosophy behind it all.  They are purposely creating device addicts!

Here is just a brief excerpt (you can't get the whole piece without "joining" 60 Minutes All Access!):

Silicon Valley insider on why smartphones are "slot machines" - YouTube 

I really do wonder about what this is doing to the brain chemistry of our children and young people (Old Fogey Alert, I guess!).


Hey, gregp136, are you at the playground yet?  Let's have a watermelon spitting contest over in that grassy spot under the tree!  You in? 

(btw, you can't smoke with hands sticky with watermelon juice and your mouth full of seeds!)

Who wants to be first up?  Here, stand in this bare spot and spit away!

Be careful of the bees!


Forever Vigilant

Posted by Youngatheart.7.4.12 Jun 10, 2017

I came out on my newly set up front porch with its canvas awnings, plants, table and chairs, rocking chairs,  wreath and other decorations this morning.  As I sipped my coffee, started up my computer and watched the squirrels eat the wild mushrooms in my yard from the wet spring  - it hit me - "gee, a cigarette would be nice right now.!" 

REALLY?  Almost five years and the thoughts are STILL there?  Just thoughts ---- but REALLY?!! Easy to dismiss, but there nonetheless.

Stay vigilant, my friends!  This addiction can be a killer!


I keep folks' words who have lost their quits because of drinking, and like to share them with the community from time to time as cautionary tales:  Here's one from my collection  (and there are many):


"I was going through a stressful time and I was drinking with a buddy and bummed a few cigarettes and the next day I bought a pack. I went on smoking for 33 years."


Please be warned.  Don't let it be YOU I'm quoting sometime in the future! 

A quit is a terrible thing to lose.





Posted by Youngatheart.7.4.12 Jun 8, 2017

I had just finished a Kindle book, had purchased the next in the series and when I turned a page ----- was told the “sample” was finished and asked if I wanted to buy the book. So – I call Amazon.


TWO hours later, after syncing and re-syncing and turning it on and off and going to the menu and settings and on and on the tech tells me it's probably a wifi problem and has me disconnect the router. The keyboard on the Kindle doesn't have a caps lock and you have to select ABC or 123 as you go. The password (indicated as “Password” on my router) is caps, numbers, lower case. He had me reenter this about 40 times (thinking I was not getting it right). There was one character that could have been a $, a S, or a 5 and an = included. I tried them ALL to no avaiL.   FINALLY I remember that I had seen the Kindle with a message while sitting on my table that it was UPDATING.. When I mention THIS, the tech goes AHA and orders me a new Kindle..............He tells me to call Verizon and request a password with only letters and numbers for the new one.


I call Verizon, FINALLY get through to Tech Support and ask for a new password. He says, “your password only HAS letters and numbers.” WHAT? Turns out the “password” for the Kindle is ACTUALLY the WPA2 Key. It consists of about 17 characters, caps and small and numbers. I enter it, restart the Kindle and BINGO – it's fixed.


THEN I go to brush my teeth and hear drip, drip, drip coming from the sink pipe.


Yep – it would have been a three pack day – but I don't DO that anymore – so I just went to BED!


Life is ALWAYS going to happen. Smoking is NOT required!




Ortho Update

Posted by Youngatheart.7.4.12 Jun 5, 2017

Had a check-up with the orthopedist today.  He said he sees progress which is WONDERFUL news.  He said I only need to wear the brace


outside the house when I am walking any distance (it was causing the tendonitis to go OFF when I was wearing it all the time).  He also said in 2-3 weeks (Nancy reads it as TWO!), I can start to put a bit of weight on the leg, and can start to water walk in chest high water. 

Good news!




Posted by Youngatheart.7.4.12 Jun 4, 2017

Can you believe...............that a state allowed a driver's license photo of a man with a colander on his head to be issued?


Believe it!

Now - do you believe us when we tell you it will get easier as you are quit awhile?

It DOES get easier!  Believe it, too!



On The Rocks

Posted by Youngatheart.7.4.12 Jun 2, 2017


You can choose to either think you can or think you can't.  You will accomplish whatever you believe.


Put your brain to work FOR you!