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Posted by Youngatheart.7.4.12 Dec 31, 2014

wants EVERYONE to be safe tonight!  He also mentioned he does not want anyone to lose their quit because they drank too much.

PLEASE listen to Fred!


It's New Year's Eve!  Do you  have a plan for  what you will do instead of drink alcohol this evening?  If not, make one!  You don't really know what your alcohol tipping point is (the point at which your impaired brain tells you that "just one can't hurt," or "no one needs to know."   and you BELIEVE it!)

Please don't chance it - your quit needs to be your #1 priority!

Happy (smoke free) Year!


Now that most of us won't be putting "quit smoking"  on our list of New Year's resolutions, what will you put instead?

Since I'm pretty near perfect now that I don't smoke (tee-hee), I'm having a tough time coming up with any - but I I need to work on being more patient (yet, again, still!).  I also need to get back into a DAILY exercise routine.

What will you be putting on your list of resolutions for 2015?


Merry, Merry Christmas & A Happy, Smoke Free,  New Year!

There's a good chance, if you do, that you will slip!

And the chimney will not be the only thing smoking.  Don't chance it!



900 Days!

Posted by Youngatheart.7.4.12 Dec 21, 2014

Wow - this is amazing to me!  If I could do this - EVERYONE can.   Smoking now only enters my mind when I encounter an old trigger that I haven't gotten through much.   I HATE to shop and only go to a mall  if there is a present I have to go there to find.  I don't think I have actually been IN a mall since probably last Christmas season.   I was shopping and lugging, and overheated, and tired, and hungry and hating every minute of it.....and I thought..........maybe time for a cigarette break?  Then I actually laughed out loud!  The addiction stays with you, but it is a fleeting thought, nothing more!

I thought it might be helpful to the newly quit to read one of my early blogs (2 weeks).  I am living proof that all of us who have been successful have been through what you are going through:

Take heart!  It is not easy at times, but it is SO doable!

Just keep adding those days.  Freedom really IS grand!



All I want for Christmas is for you not to drink

(and blow your quit)

That would stink!


You can let go of the person you used to be and become the person you WANT to be!

I am learning, albeit slowly, that it's time to reject my perfectionist ways. If the "old"  Nancy put up Christmas decorations that were not perfectly centered, or the lights on a tree weren't evenly spaced, I HAD to fix them,,,,,,,,,I just did. Now, I am finding good enough really is GOOD ENOUGH! If I had work planned for the day, I would reject an offer to go out to lunch. I don't do that either anymore. I used to be a smoker, too, and now I'm not.

Quitting smoking can be the beginning of becoming that new person. It's quite a journey and one well worth taking! Who will YOU become? It can be exciting to find out!



'Nuf Said!

Posted by Youngatheart.7.4.12 Dec 12, 2014

Our Joanne gave me permission to quote her this week:

"I also know that for me, even 1 glass of wine will go a long way to lossen my resolve. So I;ll have to be very clean and sober for a long while. 

I had quit for over a year, went out and drank a few glasses of wine and before you know it, I was a smoker.


Sparky has nominated Ellen (Elvan)  as our Inspirational Quitter of the Year, and it has been seconded, and thirded (is that even a word?).

All in favor, please signify by saying "Aye!"

Here's mine:  AYE!



Don't smoke'em - float 'em!!!