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More snow is arriving to help her celebrate!  Let's have a party - I'll bring the cake!

But this WAS!  50 minutes of glorious time beside the river.

Four months ago the folks at the rehab facility had me going to Assisted Living - and NOT back to my own home.  I worked really hard, I committed myself to building my strength back up.  I'm not there yet - I am still a work in progress..........

Kinda' like quitting smoking, ya' know?!  With a little hard work and commitment, we CAN!

Stay the course!  It's SO worth it!


This is the point at which an alcohol fueled brain has you accept that just one cigarette won't hurt.

This is my weekly reminder not to drink this weekend.  Your quit is not worth taking the chance.


or bad things might happen!

but I'm not smoking over it!  Nor should you!




Posted by Youngatheart.7.4.12 Nov 7, 2014

A dear member of our Ex family with a two year quit reported this week that, after drinking more than usual, she was jolted out of nowhere by a powerful urge to smoke.. She was strong and committed and didn't give in (although I understand it was CLOSE!).


Please don't take a chance. With the weekend coming up, I am giving a weekly reminder to not drink alcohol. You don't really know at what point your brain will turn to mush and you will listen to that voice telling you that just one can't hurt and you can just go right back to your quit. It's a lie!


Please don't chance it!