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Happy Halloween!

Posted by Youngatheart.7.4.12 Oct 31, 2014


or there will be the Devil to pay!



What is Today?

Posted by Youngatheart.7.4.12 Oct 24, 2014

And with it comes my weekly reminder not to drink alcohol this weekend.  It's a sure quit-killer.

Trust me on this!


I dunno - maybe the fact that he was smokin' hot?



A Treat

Posted by Youngatheart.7.4.12 Oct 22, 2014

I was at Whole Foods today and there was this $19.99 bunch of flowers with 6 orange roses, and purple astromeria, and purple mums.   I looked at it longingly......and then.....................

I bought it for me - BECAUSE I'M WORTH IT (and I saved more than THAT this week by not smoking.).

Isn't life grand when you don't smoke????!!


Making new memories takes longer with some associations than others.  I spent two hours in the dentist chair this morning and when I left and got in the car, something was missing ---- STILL!  I wanted that "reward" and "relax" cigarette - even after more than two years!!  I should have planned better and had a lollipop or something in the car - lesson learned!  I didn't think of it because I thought those days were over.

Of course I didn't go buy a pack of cigarettes - because I simply don't DO that anymore....but I was surprised that the want was still there.    For those newly quit, don't be afraid that craves last forever.  This wasn't one of those, but more of a smoking "memory."

Stay vigilant, my friends!


With the weekend approaching, I am here to give my usual warning not to drink alcohol. You really don't know the point at which your brain will turn to mush and you will start to listen to the addict within that, “just one won't hurt.”

There have been cautionary tales posted all week about folks compromising their past quits by drinking. The best advice I can give is to just not do it. Your quit is too important to take that chance!



'dem mighty Orioles done struck out!

I have to tip my cap to the Royals, though.  They were, I think, a better team this October.  I. will be rooting for them in the World Series

Still sad!  Still not smoking over it!


.  If you have quit smoking, drinking alcohol might get you to think these two need to go together.  Don't chance it!

I had a smokemare!  Last night I dreamt I was out on a (strange looking, of course; looked more like a flat roof!) deck and smoked exactly 1 1/2 cigarettes.  I know the amount because I stood there after I put the other half of the second one out and had a converation with myself about it.  I decided (in my 'mare) that I could just continue on with my quit - no problem - and headed back inside.  I don't remember noticing whether it was a positive experience or not!

Wanted to share so those with less time in (or more, even) won't think something is wrong if they have one of these.  I guess they last quite awhile for some folks (me being one of them!)


If you are a nicotine addict and you drink alcohol, you don't know the point at which your brain will turn to mush and you will think one cigarette is OK.

The weekend is coming. The following sign is, therefore, in effect: