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No Matter What!

Posted by Youngatheart.7.4.12 Sep 29, 2014

I am often asked how I have been successful on my first try at quitting smoking. Giving it some thought, I believe it boils down to the decision I made when I quit. I made up my mind that I would never smoke another cigarette NO MATTER WHAT. No ifs, ands, buts, life happenings, excuses, arguments with matter what!


You make the decision and honor it each and every minute and each and every day. I understand that is not so easy in the early days – but taking the expectation of smoking away makes it a bit easier, I think.


It is SO worth the commitment - the freedom is WONDERFUL!


Root beer float

Diet Coke

Bottled Water

Iced Tea



Orange juice


Answer – If you are a nicotine addict, a margarita should never be in your hand/mouth. Alcohol is a proven quit killer! Do you know how many alcoholic drinks it will take before that voice in your head that “just one won't hurt” starts to sound reasonable? If not, please don't chance it!



As these blogs tend to get lost over time, I thought I would repost a link to one that I found very helpful early in my quit.

It's good to know what is "normal" when you are quitting smoking, I think.


I wanted to remind all quitters to be ready for craves as this season changes to fall.  You have to get through two full years of seasons changing, holidays, family dramas before the thoughts of smoking are minimal.  Just understand it's normal and "keep on keepin' on" (thanks to mike n @lanta).


 Isn't it nice not to have to leave the game to go inhale those chemicals that are slowly killing you (aka smoke a cigarette?) and then have to ask what happened while you were gone  (and perhaps miss seeing  the key play of the game)?

Isn't life grand when you don't have to smoke?

Gooooo  Raaaaaaa-vens!


I am working to get my house cleaned after months of being ill, in recovery, and my daughter's belongings clogging up most floor space.  I am dismayed that I STILL cannot lift more than 1/3 of a bucket of water, and vacuuming a rug is a MAJOR undertaking.  I will get it done, a little at a time, I guess.

I sat down to take a break and decided to treat myself to an iced cold Pepsi (with crushed ice, of course!) and all of a sudden it HIT me.  "Gee, a cigarette would be good right now."  REALLY?  After more than two years I am STILL thinking like that????

It's OK, though.  It's easy to dismiss this thought because this freedom is SO much better than that nasty thing that was stealing my health, my money and my self esteem.

Onward I go - smokefree is the way to BE!


It's Friday, and with that comes my reminder that  nicotine addicts should not be drinking alcohol over the weekend.  It's a proven quit killer!  Get your substitutes ready.

(and have a great fall weekend!)



800 DAYS! Don't!

Posted by Youngatheart.7.4.12 Sep 12, 2014

I can't figure out a way to join these two disparate topics - so please humor me!

I have 800 days of freedom today!  What a nice, round number.  To those just starting on this journey, my advice is to not look too far ahead.  You only have to quit one hour, one morning/afternoon/evening at a time.  I did that 800 times and look where it got me!!!

And, a warning:  don't drink alcohol this weekend (or any day) if you are quitting smoking.  It makes the voice in your head whispering, "just one won't hurt" sound reasonable.  Don't give it a chance!

Smokefree is the way to be!



Sad Day

Posted by Youngatheart.7.4.12 Sep 6, 2014

My younger daughter, who came home to take care of me when I became so ill in April, left today to continue her life in California. She earned her Masters degree this past spring and had intended to take the summer to veg before starting her new job......I am unhappy that it didn't work out for her, but I could not have asked for anyone more patient, and kind and loving. I don't know what I did to deserve her!

Very sad – but I'm not smoking over it (I can't say the thought didn't enter my mind, but it was quickly dismissed!)


What comes next, you ask?   The weekend!

Don't drink alcohol during this one.  It reduces your ability to negate the voice in your head that "only one won't hurt!"  It will!  Cigarettes always travel in packs, you know.

No excuses!  You have been warned!