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Wishing You All

Posted by Youngatheart.7.4.12 Nov 28, 2013

As we approach this day of thanksgiving, I thought it would be fun to have a blog where everyone adds the things for which they are grateful.

I am thankful for

Ithe melodies of birdsong...

I actually listened to the TV commercial with the little band playing when the guy  puts a mini piece of Nicorette in his mouth.  What it says is that it will get rid of the craving in three minutes.

Well - gtuess WHAT?  The crave only LASTS about three minutes - so it was gonna go away, anyway.

Something to ponder..............................hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm?


I forgot to mention how easy, painless  and noninvasive, the test for COPD is.  You simply breathe in, and then breathe out (and that is what is measured).  You do it many times to get the best reading, and the technician coaches you to breathe out as long as you can.

Not a big deal - and I understand from reading Thomas' blogs on the subject that there ARE things you can do to slow down the progression if you catch it early.

SO - what are you waiting for?  Get it done.  We know here that knowledge IS power!


I becamse aware of COPD here on the site from Thomas - which, I think, made me notice the commercials for Spiriva on TV a bit more.  Someone also directed me to do the breathing/straw exercise to see what it would feel like - and that was truly scary!  It really DID feel like an elephant was sitting on my chest.

I had the test as part of a bettery of tests  before a major vascular surgery in 2012.  At that point I just wanted to pass for the surgery - and I did.  They said it was "really good"  for a person who smoked as long as I had. I understand that as I get older that may change, but I feel blessed to be where I am today. I am a very active person and inactivity makes me CRAZY - so I will continue to be hopeful that I may have dodged that bullet.  

If you haven't quit - DO it.  If you have, protect it with every fiber of your being.

If you have quit, remember to blog BEFORE you make a decision to smoke again.  It IS a mattter of life and breath!



500 Days!

Posted by Youngatheart.7.4.12 Nov 16, 2013

Please don't miss the train I'm on

Listen to the Freedom Song

All the cigarettes are gone 500 days

I don't miss those things at all 

Now I'm standing proud and tall

And it's been 500 days since they've been gone

500 days, 500 days I don't miss the smoky haze
and the choking has been gone 500 days

I can breathe unimpaired

There's no stink in my hair

Nasty cigarettes are gone 500 days

When I did my big face plant

On that sidewalk with the slant

Did not think of smoking once or going back


500 days, 500 days I don't miss the smoky haze
and the choking has been gone 500 days


(with thanks to gnu for all he gnud and to the Ex community for helping me make it this far)