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Enjoy a bit of the farm life (and take your mind off your urban troubles!)

When we were 12 (or 10, or 8 or 17), we all thought we could stop smoking cigarettes whenever we wanted. The tobacco companies and the addict within us made sure that wasn't true.

Talk to your kids and grandkids. Warn them about the addiction trap. Now the tobacco companies are in the e-cig business, understanding that we are on to them where tobacco is concerned. They are trying to create a new generation of addicts they can prey upon.   

Let's work to have the carnage  (yes, that's what it is) stop NOW!



A Challenge!

Posted by Youngatheart.7.4.12 Oct 18, 2013

 I remember my doctor saying to me, "There are currently more people in the U.S. who have quit smoking than are still smoking.  Do you think they are ALL better than you?"  

Of course, my answer was, "H*ll no!"  And, thus, I began my journey to freedom - in part to prove I was NOT a lesser being than all those who had been successful before me. 

So - I challenge all the newly quit here to PROVE they are the better people, to get through each day of the quit smoking journey, one day at a time, sometimes an hour at a time...but forward nonetheless.  

You CAN do it.  If I made it, there is absolutely NO reason you can't!!!!  Just DO it!



Newly Discovered!

Posted by Youngatheart.7.4.12 Oct 14, 2013

I was astonished to discover that during this trip to the mountains, I was able to sit by the fire, do crosswords, read a book, and simply enjoy the fire. In my past visits when I was a smoker, I could not sit still – literally. Looking back, I pinpointed the fact that when I was a smoker, I was ALWAYS waiting, subconsciously, to have that next cigarette. You are never comfortable in your own skin when you are a smoker.

This is the REAL freedom – when you realize how much smoking controlled your life! This takes time to see clearly. But – it is SO worth the time it takes to unlearn this!


Tomorrow afternoon I am traveling to a place with ninternet. You ask what ninternet might be? Well, no internet, of course!  I am going on a steam engine ride into the mountains to enjoy the fall colors. I will be home on Sunday afternoon.


And – I don't want to be reading about “slips” and “falls” and such when I get back, because I will feel ever so guilty for stay committed while I'm gone – OK?