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Thank you!

Posted by Youngatheart.7.4.12 Jul 24, 2013

All of your prayers, heartfelt messages and wonderful images have been gratefully received. I am mending, but still in a sling so typing is still difficult.


I just wanted to stop in to let your know how much I have appreciated all that have reached out to me. I hope to be back in service to you all around the first week in August.


This has been a painful and difficult time for me ---- but I haven't smoked over it! I hope everyone continues to stay committed until I return!


Quit 7/4/12

Feels so bad not to be able to help everyone. Thank you all for the prayers and support, It means a LOT!

Long story short,,,,,I fell and broke the humerus ball of my right arm into several pieces, It is immobilized until surgery scheduled for 7/12. They are doing a shoulder joint replacement,,,,,only option to even TRY to swim again.

I will try to be in touch as I can.