Additions to The List of 101 Things to Do Instead of Smoke a Cigarette

Blog Post created by Youngatheart.7.4.12 on Mar 3, 2013

I noticed there were several things missed from the list previously posted and wanted to add a few. 


102. March in place or round and round a table.


103. Eat a piece of chocolate candy.


104. Bite into a lemon (yup - rind and all)


105. Put your head in a freezer and take a deeeeeeeep breath.


106.Raise and lower your arms as you slowly inhale, then exhale, going slower and slower


107. Do the multiplication tables in your head,  or long division, or divide fractions!


108.  Name all the states alphabetically


109. Then name all their capitals!


110. Think of a girl's, then a boy's name that starts with each letter of the alphabet.


111.  Think of something to add to this list.


Feel free to add any that have not been included on the list on my page or this one...............






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