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I am in Baltimore, Maryland, and feel totally blessed.  Not easy to get down on my knees, but I gave thanks this morning that I did not lose power.  My sump worked nonstop all day yesterday, all last night and still today, keeping my heat and hot water going.   We have gotten like 12" of rain in 48 hours, and last night had wind gusts up to 70 mph.  It is still raining and windy here, but nothing like yesterday and last night....and it's chilly - about 43.  What a monster!  But - I made it through and didn't SMOKE over it!

Hey, everybody, let others know how you did in the storm



Posted by Youngatheart.7.4.12 Oct 27, 2012

and, don't ANYONE go out and buy cigarettes "just in case!"  There is no "just in case" when you are a member of the EX community - right???!!!  

I am in the storm's projected path  - mid-Atlantic - and I will have to ride it out all by my lonesome.  This morning the thought actually passed in my mind to go buy a pack to "get me through."  Boy - did I have to kick that baby to the curb!!!!  I may be terrified, but smoking ain't gonna' do a THING for that!!!!  That nicodemon is STLL lurkng after all this time!

You all have taught me well - thanks!

Everyone - be safe!



Posted by Youngatheart.7.4.12 Oct 19, 2012

I am 107 days quit and  in danger of throwing it all away.  I guess I am down that my surgery recovery is not going as promised, and I just found out  I am not going to be back to my normal self for quite awhile longer with swelllng in one leg which may take up to a year to resolve.  This means no yoga, no swimming - it seems like FOREVER since I have been able to do these things I love, and my friend the cigarette seems a very appealing substitution right now.

I know I shouldn't throw this all away; I do know it - but holding up right now is mightly tough.  

At least I'm blogging and not smoking yet, so guess that's a good start?


Count Up Clock

Posted by Youngatheart.7.4.12 Oct 18, 2012

I have FINALLY been successful in getting my countup clock on my page.   I  wanted to remind everyone that you really do need to access the website that Nancy has given  using Internet Explorer.  I can attest to the fact that other browsers don't work!

Count away!


100 Days!

Posted by Youngatheart.7.4.12 Oct 12, 2012

At least by my count (quit 7/4/12) , I have reached the 100 days milestone!!!!!!  I was never much good at math - I'm an artist, don't you know - so actually this may not even be true!

No apologies needed from the Freedom Train folks - who do an AWESOME job.   I have NO idea how they could possiby keep track of this moving target of quitters (!) on here!!!   

But,  if somebody could send me some French Toast, it would be appreciated.  It's the ONY reason I have stayed quit this long!!!!!  :-)  (That, and all the awesome folks who are here to help us when we need it!)

tt's been THREE months today  since I quit smoking cigarettes!  I smoked for 40+ years and had never tried to quit even once, so brainwashed was I into thinking I could not do it.

I am grateful to the people on this site for providing me with information, inspiration and support during this difficult time.  I must amit it hasn't been easy, and, yes, even awful at times.  But - I am making it one day, sometimes one hour at a time.  And, I am reaping the benefits of freedom from addiction each and every day now!

Trust me - if I can do this, EVERYONE can!  Be committed, be strong, and stay close to this site and you, too, will be successful!