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When you quit smoking, you work to relearn your life as an Ex.  Smoking was a part of almost every ritual/chore/day of your adult life.   As you move forward, you make NEW memories for your associations and triggers

However, there are things you associate with smoking that you did only sparingly - usually when the seasons change.  You sat and enjoyed the weather as Spring arrived, you rewarded a chore done with a cold drink on your porch in the Summer, you smoked when you took a break from raking leaves in the Fall.  You had rituals around the Winter holidays - parties, family get togethers.  You haven't repeated them enough to make new memories for them.

You need to remain cautious for the first two years after your quit.  You may find smoking memories polluting your mind this Spring.  Don't be alarmed - these ARE just memories and you will be making new ones as you move ahead.

Be prepared - not surprised!



Happy St. Patrick's Day!

"Both times when I lost the quit in the past was due to having a drink--seriously, just one drink and I was right back on the smoke train. And, of course it wasn't just one cig while having a drink; it was bumming one cig and then immediately going out and buying a pack."

Please be warned.  A quit is a terrible thing to lose.


I'll have chocolate cream with freshly whipped cream!




Total Control

Posted by Youngatheart.7.4.12 Mar 12, 2018

Smoking is something over which you have total control...




Think how awful you will feel if you make a decision to drink alcohol and lose your hard earned quit days?

PLEASE don't take a chance with it this weekend.

A quit is a terrible thing to lose.



and he BETTER not hear about anybody losing their quit because they drank alcohol.

I wouldn't chance it if I were you!  You have been warned.


Door Number One?

Door Number Two?


Door Number Three?

There May Be Additional Days AND A Better Quality Of Life For Those Choosing Door #2.


Dale has another esophageal ablation this morning (they burn bad cells from the inside out.)

I'm sure he will appreciate thoughts and prayers.


I realize I owe all y'all an update. Let me begin by thanking each and every one of you for your thoughts and prayers. They made a difference – I just know they did.


Robot assisted partial knee replacement surgery happened at 4 PM, January 29. I was in PT on crutches at the hospital by 6:30 PM and out of the hospital and on my way home by 9:00 PM. On drugs and introducing myself to TV binge watching and lots of dozing until my first outpatient PT this past Saturday. He worked me hard and opened my eyes to the fact that I am actually pretty weak from so many months of not being able to do very much.  Had a hard time getting IN the CRV to go there - my first trip out since I came home after surgery and still under the pain block.  The pain drugs weren't  touching it at the end, so getting the knee to bend getting back IN the truck was a HUGE PITA,  By the time I  got home I was exhausted and in pretty-much agony  Felt GREAT while I was doing the work, though.  Did 90 minutes nonstop.  Up and down a step, sit/stands, 15 minutes on a recumbent eliptical, lots of leg pull-ups with a strap, stretching and straightening the leg with an assist from PT. Working quads and gluts to support knee. Felt good to MOVE, but paid a high price.


I will go three times a week for awhile, so guess my current marching papers spell out working hard at and recovering from PT. I embrace the adage: “no pain; no gain” so this regimen is right up my alley.


I hope to be down to one crutch in two weeks and to a cane(or nothing?) shortly thereafter. I WILL be swimming laps when the outdoor pool opens the end of May. I would not advise getting in my way!


Thank you all, again, for your thoughts and prayers.



Worth repeating and highlighting!  Credit and thanks to Pati, c2q!