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Quit Suicide

Posted by Youngatheart.7.4.12 Feb 18, 2019

There are things we say to ourselves when we think about quitting smoking that almost guarantee failure:

-I will try

-I hope I can do it

-I'm not confident

-I have failed so many times, but here goes

-wish me luck

-my next attempt

-here goes


The way your thinking goes, so go you!  Change these up to be:

-I will

-I can

-I am confident I can

-this is my final quit

-I don't need luck; I have planned, prepared and committed.

-my final quit

-I am ready to be successful


The words attributed to Henry Ford apply:  "If you think you can or think you can't, you are right.


Feel free to add!



When I was raising two teenage daughters on my own, I started taking my shower at night, because trying to get three of them in the morning caused all manner of turmoil.


Fast forward to both of my girls being launched and I STILL took my shower in the evening because, I thought,  it was nice to go to bed all clean, and it was just easier to get ready for work without the time needed for it.  Germaine to the story is that I smoked until I retired.


Fast forward to my retirement, and I am STILL taking my shower in the evening - until Thursday.....when there was yet another AHA MOMENT in my quit journey.  The REAL reason I still took my shower in the evening when my girls were in college, was because ------wait for it................................................................................................................................


I needed a SMOKE first thing in the morning......almost as soon as my feet hit the floor.  Thursday night I was feeling the effects of a long day, and just didn't feel up to 6 sets of stairs (1 1/2 up and down - twice) I took a shower Friday morning.  AND enjoyed it!  AND just tonight realized the REAL reason I took that shower in the evening all those years.


I am chagrined to realize what a hold this addiction had on me!  WOW, just WOW!  What things in your life totally revolved around YOUR addiction, I wonder?


(and my shower this morning was lovely!)




I was THERE!

Posted by Youngatheart.7.4.12 Feb 16, 2019

This photo was on Twitter this morning and reminded me of my trip to Europe a little over three years ago.  We got there by paddle boat.  Such wonderful memories - unsullied by smoke, too!

Here is the poem written by Lord Byron describing his incarceration in the cellar of this castle when it was used as a prison:  I saw the column to which he was chained - and saw the imprint on the stone as he walked 'round and 'round it.  My daughter made me read the poem (all of it!) the night before we went there.


It's just not a good idea to drink alcohol when quitting smoking.  It clouds your judgment - and "just one" might sound reasonable at that point.  There is no such thing to an addict.

Here are some ideas for alternatives:  8 delicious non-alcoholic pub drinks to get anyone through Dry January

Be mindful! 

A quit is a terrible thing to lose.







Ice is supposed to accumulate over the next two hours, too.

But thank God I'm not smoking over it, still have power, and will not have to pay anybody to deadwood my trees this year!

If there were an ELEVENTH COMMANDMENT, it might be:



If you are quitting smoking, drinking alcohol can cloud your judgment and might lead you to falsely believe that "just one" won't hurt.  It will - it ALWAYS will lead to another, and another...

Please just don't do it.  A quit is a terrible thing to lose.



shashort has

1,000 DAYS QUIT!

Here's Your Comma!



in reminding everyone not to drink alcohol this weekend:


"I thought well I can smoke and then stop after that night...... that was before I was at the gas store buying a pack of my favorite smokes ...................... I was back at smoking 2 + packs within 10 days I think"


You really don't know how many drinks it will take for your addled brain to tell you, "just one won't hurt" and you BELIEVE it.  Better safe than sorry.


A quit is a terrible thing to lose.




In 2019, Groundhog Day is tomorrow.  Supposed to be cloudy in our parts, so maybe Spring is coming early?! 

How often is Punxsutawney Phil right? Well, he was wrong last year | 

"But the groundhog and his handlers get it right more often than not. In 118 years of available records, our calculations show Phil and his translators have been correct about 64.4 percent of the time.

Unfortunately, there have been years where the president has misinterpreted what Phil said," retired handler Ron Ploucha previously told PennLive. "Because Phil's never wrong. Phil's prediction is 100 percent correct, and we blame the variants on the president's interpretation of Phil's prediction."

Having just two options can make the forecast difficult. Either Phil sees his shadow and winter continues for six more weeks, or he doesn't see it and an early spring arrives. There isn't room for nuance, as would have been needed last year to foretell of an early spring followed by more winter.

This year, it doesn't look like winter will let up anytime soon. Pennsylvania's first major snowstorm this season broke records in Erie with 53 inches of accumulation over two days, and a deep freeze started the new year off with a record low in Harrisburg.

Time will tell if Punxsutawney Phil agrees with other long-range forecasters about the season ahead. The Farmers' Almanac predicted major snowstorms in mid-February and March."


Who's joining me with fingers crossed?


Looks like a GREAT crave buster! 


Dangerous Temps

Posted by Youngatheart.7.4.12 Jan 30, 2019

meWisconsin and others in the dangerous temperature zone - please stay warm and safe.  Thinking about you all - we are going to be cold - but not like YOU!

Can you IMAGINE going outside to smoke?  Fingers without gloves will develop frostbite in a really short period of time:  "On exposed skin, with wind chill values between -10 and -20 degrees, frostbite can happen in 30 minutes. As wind chills climb to -20 to -30, it could happen in as little as 10 minutes." 

SO glad we don't do that anymore!


as my last entry on my birthday!  MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!



I use seed blocks in metal cages to keep the squirrels from pigging out on the seed I put out for the birds.  As you can see, however, they find a way.  They chip away at it, then hang upside down to eat the chunks they get!


Just like quitting smoking, you supply the WILLingness, we can help with the WAY (although I won't promise to hang upside down to provide that!)



I made a lot of beaded needlepoint Santa ornaments when I was still a smoker.  Here's a not-very-good photo of one to give you an idea of how much attention to detail they take:  The beads are put in one at a time!

To begin, you have to pull a 16 inch - 6 or 8 strand of embroidery floss into single strands (so your stitches lie flat).  When I was a smoker and it twisted and knotted and became a Royal pain, I would just yank and usually break it - and had lots of short strands with which to work, causing lots of starts and stops as I worked.   

Now that I don't smoke, the increase in my patience is extraordinary.  I created all of the single strands today without one broken thread --- no yanking, no cursing, no knots!  I just gently did what I had to do - and when the inevitable tangle would occur, I just worked on it until I got it undone.   Easy-peasy!


Just ANOTHER example of the benefit of quitting smoking (and we falsely believed smoking HELPED with stress --- another example of how that was just another lie of the addiction!)