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Posted by Youngatheart.7.4.12 Jun 21, 2019

...and it's time for sitting on the deck, picnics, barbecues, family reunions, days on the shore, and all sorts of socializing.  As smokers, we could usually smoke all we wanted because the activities were outdoors. 

More importantly to us now as ex-smokers, there is usually alcohol served.  It is difficult for your brain to remain committed if it's fogged by alcohol, so you need to be aware that drinking alcohol while quitting (or even after you quit) can be a dangerous activity.  The site is full of stories of lost quits (even some long standing ones) lost to drinking.

If you must, it's a good idea to limit your intake to just one - and to always keep in mind that there is no such thing as "just one"cigarette to an ex-smoker!

Please remain cautious.  A quit is a terrible thing to lose.



Junkie Thinking

Posted by Youngatheart.7.4.12 Jun 20, 2019

When I was a smoker, I convinced myself that if I ate a healthy diet and exercised every day, I could negate the bad effects of smoking.  I promised myself that I would quit if it ever interfered with my ability to swim laps - one of my biggest pleasures.  To me, there is just something about the rhythm of the different strokes, the feel of cutting through the water with them, and the sun on my shoulders as I swim.


What I DIDN'T realize was that the decrease in my ability to breathe was so gradual as to be unnoticed.  Now that I have been quit for almost seven years, I can see the improvement in my breathing.  I am rarely out of breath at the end of a lap and, if I am, it's because I wasn't doing it properly as I swam.  I have already worked my way up from 15 to 30 minutes  since Memorial Day - and am well on my way to being able to do 45 minutes by the end of the summer....and maybe even an HOUR by then. 


I am guessing this would no longer have been possible if I had kept smoking.  Sobering, isn't it?!


If you are just starting out, stay with it.  If you have some months/years under your belt, stay committed.  I am swimming proof that it makes a HUGE difference in your quality of life!



Mixing alcohol with a smoking quit can lead to dangerous times for your commitment:  Alcohol & Smoking |

Please just don't drink in the early days.  A quit is a terrible thing to lose.


when they uncover this thousands of years from now (and I bet the filters will STILL be intact!)?

I sure hope they won't think they were sacrifices to the dieties.

Disgusting, no?

To borrow a phrase from Marilyn.H.July.14.14. 

"..for if I drink I do not think."

A lot of quits have been ruined by the alcohol infused thought that "just one can't hurt."  It will ALWAYS lead to another for an addict - and then another and yet another until you are a full-time smoker and need to start back at Day One.

It's just a bad idea.  Please don't.  A quit is a terrible thing to lose.


Do you know what day it IS Marilyn.H.July.14.14?


If so, Happy Birthday, Big Guy!


It's the weekend, and time for going out with friends, relaxing after a hard week of work.   Please learn a lesson from another's experience..


"I totally feel your pain!!! My 1st 2 attempts were ended suddenly by those famous last words in a bar... "would you mind if I stole a cigarette?"... both times I didn't want to be a grub so I bought my own pack by the end of the night saying, "of course I'll throw them away in the morning" and 2 years later, here I am on my 3rd attempt!!!"


Please pay attention!  A quit is a terrible thing to lose.



Applies to life and quitting smoking  Simple, but powerful, I think.


Here's another article i found which is informative:

Please be smart about drinking while you are working to quit smoking.  The annals here are loaded with stores of folks who did lose one because they drank.

Please just don't. A quit is  terrible thing to lose. 


"Alcohol makes you more likely to do things without thinking them through. This can increase your chances of slipping and smoking a cigarette."

Alcohol & Smoking | 

Please heed the warnings  A quit is a terrible thing to lose.



2500 DAYS!

Posted by Youngatheart.7.4.12 May 9, 2019

I rarely check my days quit anymore, but had to log in yesterday when the site came back up, so I took a peek. 

I could not IMAGINE being quit for this long when I first started out. Here is a blog from my first week quit:  I MADE it! I think those of you who are newly quit will recognize the feelings I had.  FWIW - I took Chantix.

IF I DID THIS, EVERYONE CAN.  Really, truly!  And - it's more wonderful to be free than you can imagine!  It is truly worth the early days' struggles to get here. 

Life IS grand when we don't smoke - truly!


"Because smoking and drinking are so often done at the same time, researchers have tried to understand how alcohol can impact quit attempts. In a 2013 study of young adult smokers, 80 percent of those that tried to quit reported that drinking alcohol made it harder. In another survey of ex-smokers, 47 percent said that drinking alcohol led them to a slip- up." 

Please don't chance it.  A quit is a terrible thing to lose.


If you are quitting smoking and you are telling yourself, "It's so hard," or "I'll give it a try," or "I have failed so many times and I am afraid to start because I will just fail again,"  you are telling yourself the wrong things!


So much of what goes on in our minds is subconscious. You may not even realize when you're getting caught up in judgment, fear, and other draining emotions. But it is possible to develop awareness and change the patterns that hurt you.


Here's how: Simple Techniques to Erase Subconscious Negativity - Tiny Buddha 

It's Friday and  I am spinning the same old (broken) record.  The weekend brings the opportunity to kick back and enjoy yourself.  I am here to remind you that drinking alcohol while quitting smoking is a bad idea.   Drinking can interfere with your commitment not to smoke, and might lead you to believe, "just one won't hurt."  It ALWAYS will lead to more - that's the way addiction works.

Please just don't.  A quit is a terrible thing to lose.