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This morning I had my second health insurance screening exam since I quit smoking.  I mentioned last year that they started testing for nicotine in your blood instead of a CO2 breathalyzer like previous years.  So not smoking, but using an NRT wouldn’t count.  To get the discount, you have to qualify in 3 areas:  a BMI under 25, an A1C under 6, and not be using any product with nicotine.  Today, for the first time in over 20 years, the only “test” was measurement of weight and height.  The rest was face-to-face questions (Do you use nicotine? Have you been told your A1C is 6 or over?)  Of course, we all assumed they would do the usual blood testing, so we all fasted since last night.  GRRR!


I wonder how many smokers decided to lie about their addiction once they found out they wouldn’t be tested?  So glad I don’t have to worry about that anymore!  Hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful smoke-free day!