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We’ve seen a lot of relapses lately, which I suppose are to be expected with so many New Year’s quitters in No Man’s Land now.  All of them have sad stories of tragedy, or bad health, or anger or something negative associated with them.  It makes me feel so sorry for that person, and frankly a bit guilty.  My life has been going great for several months now.  In fact, I can’t remember a happier time.  And yet, for some odd reason, I’ve been craving cigarettes pretty badly the last 2 days.  I can’t think of any triggers I’ve had.  Maybe the change of season, although that has never bothered me before.  This is my slowest time of year for my business.  And my wife and I just became empty-nesters (YAY!).  So I do have a lot more free time than usual.  Maybe that’s it.


Anyway, another reminder for me to never get too over-confident.  And that craves don’t always come for bad reasons, or when you expect them.  I’ve come to realize they come for any reason our addicted brains can imagine.  And if that reason doesn’t work, our addiction will try just the opposite reason.

  • Stressed out?  - A cigarette will make me feel better.
  • Know that a situation is coming up that will make you feel stressed? -  Better have several cigarettes to prepare for those bad feelings.
  • Completed a task?  - Nothing says “celebrate” like a good smoke.
  • Have so many tasks, you’re not sure where to begin?  - Have a smoke and plan it out.
  • Meeting cancelled? Unexpected free time? – This would be a great opportunity to smoke.  After all, you’re not sure when your next chance will be.
  • Have so many tasks, you don’t have time to complete them all?  - Better take a break anyway, or your overworked mind will make mistakes on the tasks you do work on.  And, of course, smoke on that break.
  • Season changing? – Ah, remember last year at this time?  Yeah, you were smoking then.  Why not have just one for old time’s sake?
  • Smack dab in the middle of a season? – Ugh.  I’m sick of this rain/snow/heat/cold.  Think I’ll go have a cigarette.
  • Personal/family/friendship tragedy? -  Life sucks so bad now, a cigarette can’t make it any worse.  And it might make me feel better.
  • Angry at your significant other, boss, friend? – I’ll show them!  I’m gonna go smoke!
  • Happy, and everything going your way? – Since everything else is so good, one little cigarette certainly won’t hurt.

I haven’t visited the Daily Pledge for months.  Think I’ll go now and grab someone’s hand.  Anyone want to take mine?


Tom 386 DOF