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Quick Check-In

Posted by TomW5.15.17 Feb 1, 2018

This is the busiest time of year in my business, getting year-end entries done and finalizing budgets.  I also joined Weight Watchers and have spent what little spare time I had there rather than here at EX.  I remember a few people here suggested waiting a year (or more) into my quit before even thinking about losing weight.  Probably good advice, but I really haven’t been tempted to smoke for 4 months now, and I think my busyness helps me to not think about the food I’m missing


I have been underweight my entire life, and have never tried to lose weight.  So I have nothing to compare Weight Watchers with.  But it seems to be working pretty well for me.  I’ve been on for 2 weeks and have lost 7lbs. 


Have missed all of you!  Hopefully I can be more regular in a couple more weeks.


Tom (262 DOF)