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The Phantom strikes again!

Posted by TomW5.15.17 Nov 30, 2017

I just had the strangest "phantom" moment.  Instead of reaching for that phantom pack that isn't there, I had just parked my car and was in a hurry to get into my office.  I had a pen in my hand and flicked it (thinking it was a cigarette), then went to stub it out into my coffee cup (thinking it was an ashtray).  I gasped when I saw my coffee cup, thinking I was about to put ashes into a perfectly good cup of coffee!  Man, I'm glad I don't smoke anymore!

I wasn’t anticipating any crave triggers this week. At least not due to the holiday.  No one in my family has smoked for years. So instead of the holidays being associated with smoking, the opposite is true for me. I rarely (if ever) smoked on Thanksgiving or Christmas. 


I did have a mini crave today. I had someone take me downtown to pick up a package.  He dropped me off in front of the building and circled the block. When I came out and saw he wasn’t there, I immediately wanted a cigarette. Because that’s what I used to do when I worked downtown.  Fifteen years ago!  My ride arrived in less than a minute, and the crave was gone a minute after that.


I have much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving!  But I’ll be thinking of all who are struggling to get thru.