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Random Lunchtime Musings

Posted by TomW5.15.17 Jun 21, 2017
  • I've had a very nice, uneventful 2 and 1/2 days.  In my 37 days of being nicotine free, that's not terribly unusual.  But I have learned it is also not something I can take for granted.  So I'm feeling very grateful right now.
  •  Speaking of learning:
    • I've taken 2 "Quit Smoking" classes from 2 different hospitals in the last 3 years.  Both were 6 weeks (Six 90 minute classes).  Both were taught by Registered Nurses who had been teaching their classes for several years.  Both nurses had never smoked in their lives.
    • Both classes had all kinds of "expert" reading and video materials for us.  
    • Both classes had 6 people in them and both classes had a 100% fail rate within 2 weeks after the last class.
    • I can honestly say I've learned more in 3 days on this site than in 12 weeks of  supposed "expert" advice.  Very grateful for that as well.
  • And, speaking of learning:
    • I joined this site looking for advice from people who had successfully quit for a year or more.  I got that, but have also learned just as much from those who have only recently begun their journey.  Grateful for that too.  
  • I guess I should have called this "Grateful Musings", not "Random Musings"