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Monthly Update

Posted by tigs Mar 22, 2009
Hi all;

Realized I hadn't actually posted a blog in a month! Thought I would update everyone on how things are doing. I'm a bit over 2 months in on the quit. At this point, the quit feels very solid: my hubby is still smoking, I'm around smoking friends, clients that smoke, etc. and have not been craving with a very few exeptions. Those exeptions are generally around "new" things I haven't done aq (after quitting): eating at a friends house that I haven't eaten at since the quit, clipping back winter kill for the spring garden, etc. These cravings have been pretty mild, and easy to dismiss. I have even had a couple of days where I didn't even think about cigarettes or smoking now! hwc promised me there would be days like that, but I'm not sure I believed him (actually, I did, but I wanted them NOW lol).

I didn't watch what I was eating at all when I quit, and I gained about 20 pounds (hey, I'm middle aged, and work in an office a lot). For the last month or so, I've been trying to develop an exercise habit. It took a while, but I have started daily exercise of some sort (depending on the day), am watching the amount and type of food I am putting in my mouth, and I have lost 5 of those extra pounds. One of my knees is bothering me at this point, so I will have to cut down on the pounding for a while, and hope to give it time to heal simply. So, walking/biking/weights seem like the way I'll be going in the near future.

I hope everyone else is hanging in there, and wanted to let newbies know how at least one ex is doing at this point, so they have some info about what they might look forward to, both good and bad. The journey at this point is starting to look pretty good again!