What to do (A list)

Blog Post created by tigs on Feb 22, 2009
I've noticed lately (past few days at least, maybe more...but I was kinda busy) that I have become very restless. Wanting to get up and move around, pace, DO something. Now, I've also started doing exercise about every other day at least (strength and cardio both), and I don't know whether this is a stage in the quit per se, or whether it is my body getting used to moving again and having a tantrum when I am just sitting (even if I am doing something!)

Don't get me wrong, this is NOT a "going to drive me crazy" thing. Its just....interesting, I guess. And I'm just wondering which part of getting healthier it is coming from lol...

At any rate, I thought I'd do something positive with it , and blog about the restlessness..and start a list of things to do with the restlessness. Hopefully others can add to the list and we can all have a great set of ideas for when it hits!

1. exercise
2. clean for a little while (repeat as needed)
3 play with a child
4 play with a pet
5. plan your garden
6 plan a vacation
7 go shopping
8 go out with some friends
9 volunteer at a shelter, assisted living, thrift shop, etc
10. go out on the street ( in a safe area...) and say hello with a smile to strangers
11 read a great book, or re-read a favorite one
12 blog
13 journal (yes, I mean on paper!)
14 get back to making a craft you used to do
15 go clean up a nearby park or streambed
16 go for a walk with a bag, and clean up your street
17 (when its warm enough)....plant a garden (or planter/windowbox)
18. meet a neighbor you haven't met yet
19. Learn a new hobby
20 Go through your stuff and toss/donate/recycle (as appropriate) things you don't use or need.