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What to do (A list)

Posted by tigs Feb 22, 2009
I've noticed lately (past few days at least, maybe more...but I was kinda busy) that I have become very restless. Wanting to get up and move around, pace, DO something. Now, I've also started doing exercise about every other day at least (strength and cardio both), and I don't know whether this is a stage in the quit per se, or whether it is my body getting used to moving again and having a tantrum when I am just sitting (even if I am doing something!)

Don't get me wrong, this is NOT a "going to drive me crazy" thing. Its just....interesting, I guess. And I'm just wondering which part of getting healthier it is coming from lol...

At any rate, I thought I'd do something positive with it , and blog about the restlessness..and start a list of things to do with the restlessness. Hopefully others can add to the list and we can all have a great set of ideas for when it hits!

1. exercise
2. clean for a little while (repeat as needed)
3 play with a child
4 play with a pet
5. plan your garden
6 plan a vacation
7 go shopping
8 go out with some friends
9 volunteer at a shelter, assisted living, thrift shop, etc
10. go out on the street ( in a safe area...) and say hello with a smile to strangers
11 read a great book, or re-read a favorite one
12 blog
13 journal (yes, I mean on paper!)
14 get back to making a craft you used to do
15 go clean up a nearby park or streambed
16 go for a walk with a bag, and clean up your street
17 (when its warm enough)....plant a garden (or planter/windowbox)
18. meet a neighbor you haven't met yet
19. Learn a new hobby
20 Go through your stuff and toss/donate/recycle (as appropriate) things you don't use or need.


Just a little Update

Posted by tigs Feb 17, 2009
Just wanted to stop in and visit for a bit, and here I find people all worried about me!!! Isn't that sweet! I am doing pretty well, I think. We just finished going through a major external review at work...very stressful, especially this year with so many budget cuts everywhere! Did great going through all the files, checking the paperwork was all in order, etc...while doing all the regular work,too, of course....Then...driving home the last day *before* the review...cravings big time!!! I'm guessing the trigger of the first review since quitting (smoking was always the excuse for a break, doncha know...) was what was up there.... no worries, didn't cave...just surprised me with how much I suddenly thought about that cig!

Funny, I've had a bit more craving since then. To deal with it, I have been taking my breaks in the patients' exercise room...on the treadmill or bike! Its nice to feel like I'm moving toward the other part of my goal, which is to get in better shape overall. (One short term goal is to be able to ride my bike to work when the weather warms up enough!). Its nice to have the machines there for exercising, especially when the weather is brrrrrrrrrr cold outside! So, exercising during breaks gives me my minimum of half hour of aerobic exercise each day! Then I can do some walking in the evening if I like on days when I am not strength training. I gained about 15 pounds during the first part of my quit (in a month!!! omg...) but I am slowlystarting to reverse that weight gain. And since I am definitely gaining strength, too...I am guessing I am losing more fat than the scales show at this point. Hopefully, by April I will be well on my way to losing the weight I've been wanting to lose since before quitting, and feeling better than I have in....well...since I can remember!

I just realized that my official 1 month date was V-day!!! LOL How nice!!! And my hubby is starting to talk about thinking about maybe quitting! Not there yet, but he *is* thinking about thinking about it, so that's progress!!! He has continued to smoke downstairs on the back porch when I am home....and is starting to smoke there even when I am asleep, or at work! He is happy about smoking less because of it, too. So....maybe he will decide to take the plunge, too. I'll just keep my fingers crossed!

So thanks everyone for caring, but I'm actually doing pretty well!

Been scarce lately

Posted by tigs Feb 6, 2009
Hello to everyone! I know I have been scarce lately, and after a few "crave" type posts. I hope I didn't worry anyone too much by the timing. Actually, I just realized I was thinking more about cigarettes when on here than when I am doing other things, so I haven't been on a lot. Besides, work is a bit hectic right now, a major systems review is coming up, and we are going through and checking everything to make sure all our ducks are in their little rows....while we are doing our regular work as well, of course...with no overtime, of course...

yeah lol.

I been a bit busy.

But, I have also been doing pretty well in the quit department. At the moment, I seem to be in the upper ends of the roller coaster, with a few quick thoughts and no major craves...week 3 passed and I forgot to notice (ooops!). My best friend has restarted her quit after she didn't make it in December, and I am spending a bit of time with her, helping her through the first few days. She is doing pretty well so far this time too.

Funny, the "first-time" trigger I hit this time was talking to a friend on the phone who called for some advice. I don't talk on the phone a whole lot anyway, but haven't had any problems with it since the first week or so. But this is the first time since I quit that I got a "help me, please?" call, a friend needing some support and advice. It was a mild trigger, I just realized I was looking for a cigarette during the call, and laughed out loud, litterally! Told my friend about it, and she laughed,....and she felt better after it, too. So here is one of those instances that a trigger/crave was a great thing!

So far, so good! Still having some mild wants, and brief thoughts this week, but not a lot of annoyance with the cig habit. Now...I just need to work on starting to get rid of the 15 pounds I gained when the quit was all I was focused on! OK, not quite 15 pounds, but more than 10. Weather is starting to get better, and the sun out longer, so that will help me get out and walking. Right now, I'm only really doing morning weight routines, cause they are quick and don't need a lot of room. Watching what I am eating again...

OK, I've rambled enough now..time to relax a bit and plan some meals before tomorrow's shopping trip! And thanks to everyone that has helped me so far!