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Blog Post created by tigs on Jan 30, 2009
Hrmmm....the last two days, I have been going through......well, they are a lot *like* cravings, just much lower key. There is this physical.....edginess going on. Each one is pretty short...when I have timed them, they are around 4-5 minutes each. But they are awfully frequent. If I hadn''t been paying attention, I'd have said they were going on for hours, they are so one after the other. If they were stronger, I would call them craves, like the electric, stop everything so you can say "no" physical craves. But these are just weak sisters to those, just...ho hum, Ok, want a cig, yadda yadda..... and I go on with my day.

Don't get me wrong, I am not complaining at all. I see it as a victory! The same general feeling from day 1 and 2, but...its really easy to say "nope, I don't think so!" Poooooor last ditch effort of the nicodeamon? I hope so, as this is annoying (but I love that its only annoying, like a fly buzzing around your head :-) )

So....here's to victory, one step at a time!