2 weeks!!

Blog Post created by tigs on Jan 27, 2009
OK, its been a long day, so I am just going to make a short post. Heck week is over, too!!

Journal overview (just the general stuff from this week...)

Mostly, it has been easier to deal with the thoughts of smoking that are still coming along. I still think of a cig on waking every morning, but it is extremely mild and brief (thank goodness...mornings are not my strong time!! lol ) Most days, I still think of cigs that I notice ... ummm maybe 3 to 5 times during the day, and sometimes the desire for a cig is part of that (once, maybe twice a day). Some days really seem a breeze and others my addict brain just doesn't want to let go and will keep talking at me for half an hour or more. Thankfully, even these are getting less intense, although sometimes I think they will drive me nuts....lizard addict brain wants the cig, even when conscious grey matter brain doesn't.

I am beginning to see how I might actually get to a point where I don't even think of cigarettes at least some days now. And after dealing with the last couple of weeks of craves out of nowhere....that is as encouraging as being able to shovel 3 houses walks of snow, and feel GOOD afterwards!