Quitting is great because......

Blog Post created by tigs on Jan 23, 2009
It seems like lots of us are heading through that part of the quit where we are having a tough time with our thoughts telling us to "have juuuuust one". We all know that would be a stupid idea. So I thought we could all share the positive changes we have actually seen/felt since we quit. I'll be happy to start...

I can breathe better
My skin is less dry, and has better color
My hair is less dry and looks healthier
I can actually smell the fresh pine trees before I am all the way into the hills here
I can taste more delicate flavors in foods
I can exercise more without feeling like I will *die*
My muscles arent cramping as much
My voice is changing back toward its normal timber
My sinuses aren't constantly plugged up
I can actually hear better! (part of the sinus thing...)
I don't have to freak out about managing a cig in the middle of the day

I guess I should leave some for someone else, eh???