To shut the head up...

Blog Post created by tigs on Jan 22, 2009
Ok, this is starting to P*** me off...my head will *not* shut up about a cigarette!! Allll night....

The thing is, I actually don't want a cigarette...but my head keeps doing that "psssstt!! you know you miss it! Just one wouldn't hurt anything...c'mon...you know you want to! Just try it!..c'mon.."

Aaaaarghhh! This is really frustrating. Any hints about actually getting it to shut up? Tried pointing out that I actually don't want one, that I feel good now, looking at the damage it would do, getting busy....blah blah Made it through tonight ok, cause I'm about ready to go to sleep now..but this is gonna get real old real quick, so any suggestion for any future time would be much appreciated. I'm afraid that I'm going to getting beaten down by this if it goes on much more....just to get it to shut up.