Detox or Contagious???

Blog Post created by tigs on Jan 14, 2009
Ok, I know I am going to have some issues caused by getting 30 years of smoking crud out of my body. Lots of old toxins to deal with. So..I am dealing with the usual/common: sore dry throat, drippy sinuses, on and off achey lungs, etc. What I haven't see mentioned before is low grade fever, breaking out in sweats, and some sore lymph/glands in the neck.

I work in an office that deals w/ community based medical (injury) rehab. Some of the people we work with are pretty susceptible to infection, so I need to find out if these last are also common symptoms, or if I am sick? I don't want to create extra issues for the patients!! Today, I went to funding and professional meetings, but did not work with the patients because I didn't want to take that chance...went home sick instead. So...could people sound off and let me know whether or not you had any sweats, low fever (up about 2 degrees), or such during your quit?

Thanks for the input!! (PS started the quit on the 8th, started having these issues Sunday, slept all day yesterday)