Blog Post created by tigs on Dec 23, 2008
OK, I blew it on the first day. 2 cigarettes *sigh*. Sometimes I feel like such a weakling.....but still, less is better than not trying at all. So maybe today is my first day. NO, not MAYBE..it IS, darnit!!

Unfortunately, I can't require him to go outside...its well below 0 deg F out there, and he does have seizures.....asking him to go downstairs and outside...I just can't see it. He is only smoking at his computer, though. And he *is* trying to minimize the smoking when I am home....

I am drinking water and cran juice, cleaning the house a bit, cooking....and brushing my teeth a LOT lol. So far, its 9 hours...and off to work today, which will make it easier....not bringing any tobacco there :-).

Wish me luck on the 2nd day 1!
I CAN do this...I NEED to do this for myself!