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Posted by tigs Dec 23, 2008
halfway through the first 24 hours...hour 12!! Lots of deep breathing and water and cran juice....


Posted by tigs Dec 23, 2008
OK, I blew it on the first day. 2 cigarettes *sigh*. Sometimes I feel like such a weakling.....but still, less is better than not trying at all. So maybe today is my first day. NO, not IS, darnit!!

Unfortunately, I can't require him to go outside...its well below 0 deg F out there, and he does have seizures.....asking him to go downstairs and outside...I just can't see it. He is only smoking at his computer, though. And he *is* trying to minimize the smoking when I am home....

I am drinking water and cran juice, cleaning the house a bit, cooking....and brushing my teeth a LOT lol. So far, its 9 hours...and off to work today, which will make it easier....not bringing any tobacco there :-).

Wish me luck on the 2nd day 1!
I CAN do this...I NEED to do this for myself!

It begins

Posted by tigs Dec 21, 2008
First day. My biggest enemy is my own head. Its not bad at work, but it is much harder at home. My hubby is still smoking and not ready to quit.