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So I remain quiet, not able to keep up but watching.... I am a little sad because well.... once we give ourselves permission to smoke it makes it easier to give permission again.  Please know this is not a judgement, only a wish for freedom for all who want/choose it.  I live with a smoker and hope everyday that my love, my soon to be wife will choose freedom for herself.  I guess I feel like if my EXample is ineffective to the one I live with who can I really help?   Today I help myself.... please forgive me for stealing from others, but these words have helped me and I hope they can help others....  these and many other


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Congrats on your first day of freedom!!!


"YOU are worth SO MUCH MORE than a cigarette" xo


A good read to understand nicotine addiction:


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Helpful in the first few days:


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The most important thing you can do  is to educate yourself on what nicotine does to your mind and body. To that end, I highly recommend Allen Carr's “The Easy Way to Stop Smoking.” This is an easy and entertaining read  He will tell you not to quit until you finish the book - ignore that!!.


The idea is to distract yourself through any craves.  You can take slow, deep breaths, go for a walk, play a computer game, do a crossword, bite into a lemon (*yup, rind and all).   Here is a link to a list of 100 things to do instead of smoke if you need fresh ideas:


101 Things to Do Instead of Smoke 


The conversation in your head CANNOT be:  "I want a cigarette.  No!  But - I WANT a cigarette.  NO!"  Instead, it needs to be "I want a cigarette.  Well, since I have decided not to do that anymore, what shall I do instead for the three minutes this crave will last?"  Then DO it!



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