My Apologies

Blog Post created by Thomas3.20.2010 on Oct 29, 2020

It was unfair of me to ghost. If you can forgive me please read this blog. If not, I understand so skip this blog please. Know that each and everyone of you are important to me. 

So, first, I want to ask for forgiveness and second, may I whine?

I got sick with COPD, was hospitalized and fell into a deep depression. I live in Colorado where we are not only dealing with Covid but also wildfires. The biggest wildfire in Colorado history has been burning very close to where I live. Midday the air is so poor that the sky is orange with pollutants. This has been going on for 2 months now. 

Under the circumstances I can't leave my home or have people over. I am virtually isolated from everybody. 

Let me just say that I believe that tough feelings like these contribute to why we smoked and smoked and refused to quit. I also believe that this type of feelings often leads to relapse in our recovery. 

And now I admit that ghosting is not the answer. Folks share answers that work for them here every day. So please come here often if you want to quit but or feel like you might relapse. This is a safe place to share your tough feelings and get supportive feedback on what to do instead.

So I will be here continuing my recovery with the knowledge that ghosting is not a good answer.