Working from Home

Blog Post created by Thomas3.20.2010 on Nov 8, 2019

I haven't been around a lot because I am transitioning to working from home. This opportunity is a huge benefit of my current job. No more driving in freezing temps, high winds, poor air quality. No more getting up at 3:30 in order to be ready for work at 6am.  No more lugging around my oxygen tanks and meds in case I lose my breath at work. No more missing a whole day because I wake up coughing and short of breath. No more strategizing how to get into the building past the smokers and vapers.


Not all of it is without it's challenges. I have to communicate strictly by computer (thank goodness I have experience blogging here!) Most communication is done with body language (65%), next comes tone of voice(28%) and a very small percentage in normal communication is based on word choice. I will have to hone my word choice skills just like we have to here. What one person reads as supportive another reads as critical! 


I also need to stay active. My plan is to walk 30 minutes during my one hour lunch, join a yoga class, and exercise at the Senior Center frequently. We also as a team will get together for non work related fun - a dinner or activity or movie, etc. If I don't follow through I will isolate and get lonely.


I need to stay focused and determined while I transition and throughout. Being at home could make me complacent and lead to failure. What I don't know for all of my planning and preparing is what it's really like. I can only envision based on speaking with folks who have had this job for some time. I rely on them and on those who are days before me to share their stories.


So what does this have to do with smoking? Everything! As you think of transitioning from smoker to EXer prepare a vision, look at the possible challenges, ask for insight from long term EXers and those who have just made the plunge, come up with a specific plan for each foreseeable challenge and set a quit date that doesn't move - no matter what! My first day virtual is Monday!


Things won't turn out exactly how you imagine just like my job will be different from my best of designs but due diligence leads to SUCCESS! That's the goal not "I gave it a shot!" but "i did it!"


Yes, you can! Yes, I will!