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Step 1. Let a friend hook up jumper cables to your good car. Crosswise!

Step 2. When all goes whacko, disconnect cables and leave - that's right! Just drive off without consulting a mechanic.

Step. 3. Call Thomas to help you sort it out! He's got nothing but time and energy. 



But  I didn't smoke over it! I didn't even think of smoking! Because I am FREE of Addiction!

Life Goes On! 


PS: yes, this is my "new normal" - living life on life's terms! Don't try this at home!

You made it through H*!! Week!

You made it through Heck Week!

You made it through Hallelujah Week! 


So you're finished quitting, right? No more craving, no more, BecomeanEx, no more Recovery - you're recovered

- I wish!

Now the mind game of recovery changes. In some ways it gets easier (yes!) but in other ways it gets much harder! In fact, people who think of quitting as an event are more likely to relapse between 30-130 days approximately which is why jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 , OldBones-Larry, and others want you to know

Be Prepared!


These are must read articles!

Then search by putting in no man's land or NML to find lots more info on what to do about it!

Don't let that first Month's hard work go down the drain because you weren't aware!

Nobody wants to repeat Day 1. 

Keep stacking those Days WON No Matter What!



Because I need it...

Posted by Thomas3.20.2010 Jul 26, 2019

Security is mostly a superstition. Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.

Helen Keller - 1880-1968 - Author-Political Activist

Helen Keller is one of few people who I would listen to this message. I want security! But I'll settle for one single moment at a time - Smoke FREE!

I just got out of the hospital yesterday after a 5  day stay - no vacation! My last hospitalization was the first week of June. This is getting old and I am feeling old along with it! 

If you care at all about your health - If you care at all about your LIFE - 

- if you quit smoking -  protect your quit with all you have!

- if you haven't quit - do so today - don't wait - just get it done!

4 out of 10 of the people who see this site will get COPD in their lifetime.

What makes you think you won't be one of these 4?

COPD is the disease that keeps on taking....and taking...and taking...

until you don't have a single breath to take!


But don't sit back waiting for him/her to deliver your quit recovery into your lap! 

Do not ask God to guide your footsteps if you’re not willing to move your feet. – Unknown

I am speaking of my spiritual journey into recovery only. So take what you need and leave the rest - to be helpful is my only goal!

I believe that prayer is much more than reciting or even improvising words. My prayer exists within my thoughts, feelings and actions. When I worked in restaurants I learned a lot about believers who parked their Christian charity at the church door. Folks would go to Sunday services and then visit a restaurant, enjoy a wonderful meal with their families, and then verbally, written, or both scold the servers for working on the sabbath - often in lieu of not leaving a tip! This behavior taught me that my faith doesn't stay in the church pew - it travels with me in thought word and deed!

Occasionally we see new quitters come and declare that they are leaving their recovery in God's hands. And then they relapse. Why? Did they not pray fervently enough? Did they pray to the wrong Higher Power? 

OR did they think that God would do all of the work for them? 

I testify that I would have not been able to sustain my quit recovery without my Higher Power. However, I also declare that my Higher Power would not have given me recovery without my efforts! (S)he doesn't work like that!)  Not that (s)he can't but that (s)he respects me enough to respect my free will. Therefore, I came willfully/willingly to this Recovery Journey - moving my feet and holding God's hand. 





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