Blog Post created by Thomas3.20.2010 on Jun 12, 2019

I went to the Hospital for an exacerbation that turned out to be pneumonia and from there to the Mental Hospital for a Major Depressive Disorder. I haven't seen my home or grandkids in weeks. Nor have I been able to work. 


Next question, just how much lung capacity will I permanently lose this time?


Only time will tell. This gets old and yet decline upon decline is my new normal. If you recall the last bout was in March and I never really recovered from that one when this little gift in humility came along.


I do not smoke. I haven't smoked for over 9 Years but I will continue to suffer from multiple chronic progressive diseases that are smoking related. Fact.


My recommendation to you - breathe, run if you can, exercise (just about everybody can find exercise that will work for you, eat healthy unprocessed foods, take your meds and most important of all - pray to whatever higher power you know lives in your soul. 


But nothing, and I mean nothing at all, will help you live quality - let alone quantity of life unless you quit smoking! Do it for you, Do it for your Family. Do it for your Higher Power. Just do it - Whatever it takes - Today!