Blog Post created by Thomas3.20.2010 on Apr 13, 2019

Bad news - I have a tumor

Good news - the tumor isn't malignant

Bad news - I still have headaches which is why they did the ct-scan that found the tumor

More bad news - the headaches are caused by degeneration in my spine caused by years of steroids

Good news- I am getting physical therapy and other supports in place to help me with adls

Bad news - I missed a dangerous number of days of work in March

Good news - I got my FMLA to cover my absences

More good news - I got the promotion I've been working for

Life is a rollercoaster whether we smoke or not. If I were thinking addictively, I could use all of these ups and downs to keep smoking or even to relapse but I won't -

- I don't do that any more! I will just fasten my seatbelt because this sure is a bumpy ride!

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We all have a choice - not what happens to us but what we respond to. I respond with hope for a good minute (a good day is too long!) My head aches but I'm officially a CAE3! That's a very big deal!

Good and bad things can live side by side - you get to choose what's more important.

Smoking isn't a part of the equation!