I'm Possible!

Blog Post created by Thomas3.20.2010 on Mar 2, 2019

July 17, 2017 I was in declining health and debating whether to go on SSD and watch Judge Judy all day or try to get another completely different kind of job. Completely lost, I went to a Career Counselor, Rachel, who studied my resume and then had what I thought was a very crazy idea - "You can work for Comcast!" Say what???? I don't even know what the blinky light tower is called or how to install my own TV Cable. This is nuts! You've got the wrong person.


Then I studied Comcast website and found out that one of their core values is diversity and inclusion. Guess what unknowingly was the first line of my resume? Well, now, that got my attention! But was it true or just a line? I have never worked for a corporation before  - let alone one of the biggest, most hated corporations in the world! So being the daring person that I have always been I took the test. I thought - no way- even the local school district wouldn't hire me. But the very next day I got the call.


I had huge doubts from the beginning. I walked into a room full of millenials - I was 59 at the time and thought - oh boy, am I in over my head! I had one of the hardest, most unpredictable interviews I've ever had. All my prep answers went out the window and I got real. What's to lose, right? Shock, they hired me! Then I faced 8 very intense weeks of training. While the millenials played on their cell phones, I studied like mad - still wondering if I could make it. My computer skills were very weak and my long suit is customer service.


Some years ago, somebody told me that learning to bowl is easier if you've never done it wrong! Good point! So I barely graduated and was filled with self-doubt telling myself that at least I'm getting good training in Customer Service Rep if nothing else. I asked very dumb questions like what's the difference between a modem and a router because honestly I didn't know. Who knew that internet travels on radio waves? My kids, of course!


Long story short I just got my 3rd promotion and raise with a score of Highly Effective! My secret is I remember what it was like to have no idea what a cloud is or Gig or HDMI. I don't expect my customers to know either. That's not their job - it's mine! So I keep it easy, simple, and amazing - like magic. Because that's what it has always been to me!


The lesson? We learned how to not smoke dozens of times but we never learned how to recover!  Open your mind to a new way of looking at this magical process of reclaiming yourself! It's not the same ol' toss the bowling ball in the general direction of the pins. It's precise - how is your posture? How do you hold the ball? What kind of stride do you have? When do you let go? Where are your eyes focused?


Put all that "I tried!" behind you! This is definitely doable - recovery not just another quit! That's your job! Keep it simple - smoking is not an option, and amazing because you are amazing and that's what you are getting back! And heck, if this old man can become highly effective in a building full of millenials you can recover! You're worth it!