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I have two pills here -

One contains cyanide and the other contains arsenic. Both are definitely not recommended for good health but you can choose which you want - or just say NO!

I have 2 forms of Nicotine Addiction here -

One contains 4000 deadly chemicals (cigarettes) and the other (e-cigarettes) causes oxidative stress changing DNA and leading to cancer. It also contains ultra fine platinum, copper, tin and nickel pellets that tend to penetrate deeply into the respiratory system like a shotgun blast. 

You can choose which you want

- OR just say NOPE!

[Sources: Frontiers in Physiology and University of California at San Francisco]

I Choose NOPE!

Not One Puff EVER

Three years after IQOS  (Phillip Morris) was launched in Italy, about one-fifth of the 3,086 Italians taking part in a nationally-representative survey had heard of it. Just 1.4% saying they had tried it and 2.3% saying they intended to try it.

But those who had tried it or intended to try it were almost as likely to be nonsmokers and former smokers as active smokers.

So despite assurances from PMI officials that IQOS would only be marketed to active smokers, several members of the Tobacco Products Scientific Advisory Committee (TPSAC) expressed concerns that the device would prove attractive to non-smokers, especially non-smoking teens.

Based on this survey TPSAC  recommended that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration reject the company's application for "reduced risk" status.

Watch Out! Big Tobacco has not changed it's ways!

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