Don't Underestimate the Enemy!

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I know I did! I was a serial quitter who could quit easily - for weeks or months but not for good! When I came to BecomeanEX I did what I do best - research. What I discovered gave me the courage, fortitude, and determination to keep going forward. 

Nicotine is so poisonous that it sickens the people who harvest it - many of who are children.

Why Are Children Working in American Tobacco Fields? 

Cigarette butts pollute our beautiful planet.

Cigarettes and Planet Earth 

Nicotine related Illness costs Society more than $300 Billion each Year!

CDC - Fact Sheet - Economic Trends in Tobacco - Smoking & Tobacco Use 

Nicotine even damages pets, children and old people even when you don't smoke around them!

Third Hand Smoke 

In fact, recovery from Nicotine Addiction takes real effort but it is simple and it is doable. Keep them away from your face - just for today! Again, and again, and again - no matter what!

Within weeks you'll feel so much better. Healing begins the minute you put out the last sickerette!

Stay close and Know your Enemy!


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Don't Overestimate the Enemy