End the ENDS!

Blog Post created by Thomas3.20.2010 on Apr 5, 2018

Did you know that e-c-g is out of style now? Not smoking them - oops! I mean "vaping" them. Just calling them e-cigarettes - I guess it's too much of a reminder of just how dangerous they really are....As everyone reminds us - not AS dangerous as cigarettes - but not safe either!

Find out what that harmless sounding glycol and glycerol actually become in the process of vaping - formaldehyde!

Then there's diacetyl, the chemical flavoring used for popcorn. Sounds harmless enough, right? Think again! Diacetyl causes Popcorn Lung a.k.a. obliterative bronchiolitis, a severe and irreversible lung disease every bit as wicked as COPD!

Read more: Opinion | The Formaldehyde in Your E-Cigs - The New York Times 

ENDS will end your healthy living! Think about this - would you rather have arsenic or cyanide? Care to investigate which is "safer?"