ExSmokers Have More FUN Part II

Blog Post created by Thomas3.20.2010 on Mar 21, 2018

Many of us had the core belief that smoking = FUN engrained in what we observed as very small children when we were most vulnerable and most malleable. Held out as the forbidden fruit yet waved literally in our faces how could any child come to another conclusion? 

That value stuck with us well into adulthood and some of us have yet to break through the belief that smoking is FUN and non-smoking is somehow boring while Ex-smoking is downright miserable - the ultimate sacrifice - to our family, to our God, even to our bodies.

The first real impression beyond the "nagging" of our well-meant but (may I admit it? - naive) families comes from the constant messages all around us about how unhealthy smoking is. My response was - but it is FUN!.

So let's take a while in quietude to see what this "fun" has cost us personally.

In order to truly motivate yourself to change your core belief, you must truly understand what impact it has on your everyday life and your life at large. Meditate or write down the answer to the following question, “How does this core belief impact my life?” For example, you might answer, “It stops me from feeling confident. It makes me anxious in public. It makes me doubt myself and hate myself. It causes me to lose friendships,” etc. 

When you look at it this way it doesn't look so much like FUN, does it?

So what is holding you back from changing this belief?

Usually the reasons involve fear of failure, fear of change and fear of uncertainty. If we have been habituated to think and behave in a certain way all our lives … what will happen if we don’t anymore? And furthermore, what will happen if we fail? Before you try changing your core beliefs you need to be able to deeply commit to the journey. By becoming conscious of what is holding you back from changing your core beliefs you will prevent self-sabotage.





So if my fear is false how can I disprove it? Become an observer. Observe folks who do not smoke - how do they spend their break time? How do they interact with their friends and families? How do they have FUN?

Now look around at the smokers objectively, as if you were an alien who had never seen such a thing before. Are they having fun? What about being in that smoking area gives you that impression? 

Take some real time imagining how it might be like to become an Ex-Smoker. Don't sugar coat it! Be objective. Are you going to have fun on Day 1? Well, you could decide to make the ritual of letting go of smoking Fun. Have a little Sickerette Bonfire or soak them in water and take a deep whiff! LOL! You can even sing and dance. 

OR you can trepedaciously smoke your last and let the fear build. 

One of the BEST parts of Smoking Cessation is that it is 100% your choice! I like to search out FUN!

How will it be 6 Months, One Year, 5 Years from now? Use your imagination! What kind of FUN will you be having? You have carefully observed non- and ex-smokers' ways of having FUN. What will your own personal FUN look like, feel like, smell like, taste like, sound like? Make it real! 

Will you get it 100% correct? No! That's not the point! You're not going into fortune telling - you are laying a personal road map!

Then make specific plans to bring you One Day, One Hour, One Minute at a Time closer - not to my plan - your plan! Your Quit Journey! Your FUN!


ExSmokers Have More FUN!

-Because They Create it Themselves!


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